Norbyte/Lslib Baldur’s Gate 3 Download Latest Version

Tools for manipulating Divinity Original Sin and Baldur's Gate 3 files.

To use mods in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to utilize a third-party tool called LSLib to manage the game files. The lslib Baldur’s Gate 3 download package provides utilities for manipulating Divinity Original Sin 1, Enhanced Edition, Original Sin 2, and Baldur’s Gate 3 EA files:

  • Extracting/creating PAK packages
  • Extracting/creating LSV savegame packages
  • Converting LSB, LSF, LSX, LSJ resource files
  • Importing and exporting meshes and animations (conversion from/to GR2 format)
  • Editing story (OSI) databases
  • Devs: Furk Ultra
  • Version: 1.18.7
  • License: Free
  • File Size: 2.99 MB
  • Updated: Sep 19, 2023
  • Requirements: Windows 10, 11 PC + Roblox

Requirements To Run Norbyte/Lslib

To build the tools you’ll need to get the following dependencies:

  • Download GPLex 1.2.2 from here and extract it to the External\gplex\ directory
  • Download GPPG 1.5.2 from here and extract it to the External\gppg\ directory
  • Protocol Buffers 3.6.1 compiler from here and extract it to the External\protoc\ directory

What’s New in Lslib Latest Version [Developer Note]

UUID-s in LSX files generated by versions before v1.18.6 had their last 8 bytes swapped (e.g. 00a09d42-c23c-48b0-cc90-7fc6bd6c3d9e instead of 00a09d42-c23c-48b0-90cc-c67f6cbd9e3d). This meant that the UUIDs didn’t match references found in other files. v1.18.6 changes LSX UUID format so it is now unpacked correctly. It is recommended to delete all LSX files you converted from LSF previously and re-convert them from LSF again using v1.18.6.


  • Add support for LSF v7
  • Fix error when LSJ serializes certain types