MSI Afterburner No Fan Tab or It’s Missing – Here Is How To Fix It

Uncover the reasons behind MSI Afterburner's 'No Fan Tab' issue and explore effective community-suggested solutions.

If you’ve recently found yourself grappling with the frustrating “No Fan Tab” issue in MSI Afterburner, you’re not alone.

Users across various forums have reported encountering this problem, particularly after updating their graphics card drivers. This absence of the fan control tab can hinder your ability to adjust fan speeds and optimize your GPU’s performance.

Let’s delve into the possible reasons behind this issue and fix the MSI Afterburner No Fan Tab issue using the recommended solutions by the community.

Why MSI Afterburner Fan Tab is Missing?

The common reasons that I have found after reading the user experience on different forums are;

  1. Driver Updates: Several users pointed out that updating to the latest graphics card drivers, especially beta versions can lead to the disappearance of the fan tab in MSI Afterburner.
  2. Compatibility with Aftermarket Cards: In some cases, Afterburner struggles to communicate effectively with certain third-party or aftermarket graphics cards, preventing users from accessing fan controls.
  3. System-Specific Factors: The absence of the fan tab may be influenced by individual system configurations, and the inability to control fans might be linked to specific motherboard-GPU interactions.

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How To Fix MSI Afterburner No Fan Tab or It’s Missing?

  • Revert to Older Drivers: Some users recommended reverting to older, stable graphics card drivers, such as version 22.5.1, to resolve the issue temporarily.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall: A user suggested uninstalling both the AMD software and MSI Afterburner, using Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode, and then reinstalling with the recommended driver version.
  • Check Compatibility: Verify if the specific GPU model is known to have issues with MSI Afterburner. It might be worthwhile to explore alternative software solutions for fan control.
  • BIOS or VBIOS Update: Ensure that your GPU’s BIOS or VBIOS supports the modification of fan settings through MSI Afterburner.
  • Avoid Beta Drivers: Consider avoiding beta or preview graphics card drivers, as they might introduce compatibility issues with MSI Afterburner.

By exploring these causes and solutions, you can better understand and address the “No Fan Tab” issue in MSI Afterburner, ensuring optimal control over your GPU’s cooling and performance.