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Fixed: MSI Afterburner OC Scanner Not Working

MSI 1-click Overclocking utility may end up not working, so here is the solution.
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MSI Afterburner OC Scanner not working or showing results. In case, you run OC scanner it failed to start or crash with a freezing blue screen.

Many users are dealing with this problem while Overclocking their GPU with MSI Afterburner utility (AB).

In this article, we have explained how to use Afterburner OC Scanner properly and what to do if it not working or cancel the scan with a report “results are considered unstable”

How OC Scanner Works – Review

Most users download the MSI Afterburner tool just to overclock their GPUs. The scary part is the fear to damage the GPU during this process. That’s where OC Scanner comes in handy.

The OC Scanner is a built-in feature with MSI afterburner that uses an algorithm developed by NVIDIA for RTX 20 series GPU. This scanner within a few minutes determines the highest stable overclocking settings for your GPU.

The OC Scanner algorithm uses the Voltage/Frequency Curve formula.

This tool gradually increases clock speed and then stresses the GPU if the clock speed remains stable, this tool further increases the clock speed. When your GPU fails to maintain stability the OC Scanner sets the settings over the last stable clock speed.

Is it safe and good?

Using this tool you won’t need to know what happens if GPU overheats because this tool sets the stable settings for a GPU before it starts overheating.

How to Use MSI Afterburner OC Scanner

Before you run the OC Scanner, it is recommended that you should enable “Unlock Voltage Control” and “Unlock Voltage Monitoring” settings to give detailed control of your GPU to Afterburner.

You can do that by checking the boxes below.

How to Use MSI Afterburner OC Scanner to overclock GPU
  • Once you enable detailed control set the slider to the extreme right for Core Voltage, Power Limit, and Temp Limit.
  • Click on Apply button at the bottom. (It will let your GPU overclock more sophisticated under OC Scanner)
  • Now it’s time to run OC Scanner.
  • Click on Core Clock (MHz) slider to open the Voltage/Frequency Curve window
MSI Afterburner OC Scanner Download 2021
  • On the Voltage/Frequency Curve windows you will see the OC Scanner button at the top right cornor.
  • Click on this button and will get two options Scan and Test.
  • Run Scan and it will take around 15 minutes and present your result. The result will appear in Curve instead of Number.
  • After scanning it’s advised to run a Test option. The test will verify the stability of the profile generated by the OC Scanner.
OC Scanner Results are Considered Unstable.jpg
  • Where the results in Confidence Level are above 60% then it’s considered stable.
  • now apply the OC Scanner values by clicking the Apply button in Afterburner

Congratulations, you have just overclocked your graphics card! You should also need to know the ideal GPU temp of the latest GPU.

How To Fix MSI Afterburner OC Scanner Not Working

Sometimes the OC Scanner does not work or show the result as it should be. You may also encounter Code 3, Code 10h, code 22h errors.

MSI Afterburner OC Scanner Not Working

All you have to do is to download the latest MSI Afterburner Beta 3 version. Because the previous version doesn’t have Ampere support.

If the problem persists then run Scan and when the error appears run the scan again and again. It will run.

Where the OC Scanner does not show the curve Window even after pressing Crtl + F or it shows error Scan failed with Code 3. Then you can try to uninstall and then reinstall GPU drivers, resetting Windows 10.

Fix: OC Scanner Failed to start scanning

When you open OC Scanner and hit the scan button you may end up with the message that “failed to start scanning” without any error code.

MSI Overclocking Scanner currently supports Nvidia GTX 10×0 and Nvidia RTX 20×0 series graphics cards under 64-bit OS only. On such GPUs, you can activate the scanner from the button at the main application window or directly from the voltage/frequency curve editor window.

To fix failed to start scanning problem

  1. First unlock the settings for your GPU within MSI AB
  2. In the NVIDIA Control Panel if you had CUDA disabled. Re-enable it, and Reboot your system to allow OC Scanner to function.
  3. You really need to make sure that CUDA is enabled within the Global 3D settings.

If you are using OC Scanner on a laptop then its Auto scan won’t run. So you have to run OC manually. It will turn out great for laptops.

Fix: Auto OC Saying Results are Considered Unstable

The results are considered unstable because modern GPUs have already been pushed to their limit by default. So if OC increases the frequency the power consumption will increase at a fast pace.

It’s a sign that efficiency at stock frequencies was already stretched. When you run OC scanners on these motherboards you will get unstable results.

OC Scanner Black Screen Freezes Crash

If the GPU runs fine at stock settings but crashes when overclocked. It’s safe to assume that the GPU isn’t stable or the PSU has such bad ripple and regulation that it’s making the GPU unstable.

If you have recently bought a modern GPU then you should probably upgrade the PSU.