How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Crashing/Not Loading on PS4/PS5

Resolve Unbound crashing issues on PlayStation consoles.

Most gamers on Reddit complained about Need for Speed Unbound crashing and not loading issues.

This issue usually occurs either at the time when there was a lot happening like 5 rank car chase, going high speed, and multiple police cars on screen, or when the Player clicks on the “Play” button then the game start to crash.

To mitigate NFS unbound crashing issue on PS4/PS5, here we have gathered troubleshooting tips after exhaustive research from multiple forums.

How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Crashing/Not Loading on PS4/PS5?

This article facilitates you to overcome these issues and enjoy your game.

Restart the PS4/PS5 Console: Try to restart your PS4/PS4 console to fix the NFS Unbound crashing o PlayStation.

Check the game status: Is it fully installed on your console? Go to the Options button > Information > Download Status to check the status

Update the Game: First, check if you have installed the latest game patch on your console.

Clear the saved game data: Switch off and unplug power cables for 2 to 3 minutes then plug them back.

Clean the game disk: NFS Unbound may crash due to scratches on the game disk.  Make sure that you clean the disk.

Disable HDCP on PS5: High-brandwidth Digital Content Protection sometimes causes NFS Unbound to keep crashing issues on PS5. You can disable this feature by going into Settings > System> Select HDMI> Toggle off Enable HDCP.

Download Language Pack: Sometimes language pack can lead to NFS unbound not loading, so you should change the language to English US by following the directory Options > Manage Game Content > Download and Install language data

Update your PS4/PS5 firmware: Updating system software can fix NFS Unbound crashing issues. You can simply apply this fix by going to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software

Rebuild Database (PS4/PS5): Random Unbound crashing or not loading issues on PS5 can be linked with the corrupted data so rebuilding the database can fix the issue. Press the Power button till you hear the second beep. Your console will boot up in Safe Mode. Here using the controller press the PS Button. Select Rebuild Database (Option 5) and follow the onscreen instruction.

Re-load your profile: There may be an issue with your profile. To determine the culprit log out from your account and then log back. Follow these steps Settings > User Accounts > Select other Option > Sign-out option > Waite for 2 minutes> Sign back

Restore Licenses: You can restore the licenses of PS4/PS5 by going to Settings > User and Accounts > Other > Select Restore Licenses > Restore.

Delete and Reinstall NFS Unbound: If the crashing issue persists then there may be an issue with the corrupted/missing game files. Sometimes these files can’t be fixed so the last resort is to reinstall the game.

Contact PS5 support: If nothing happens and you keep dealing with NFS Unbound crashing and not loading problems then contact on PS5/PS4 support page.