Why There Is No Internet After Uninstalling Avast Premium? Fix it.

As many Avast users have reported through different forums such as Avast forum and Windows 10 forum that there is no internet after uninstalling Avast premium. According to the users when they uninstalled the Avast Premium due to whatever reason their internet no longer worked, even though they rebooted their PC.

Although experts or other affected users are unable to describe the reason why there is no internet after uninstalling Avast, they have suggested some solutions to get rid of this annoying issue. Some users did not find them as much effective but you should give them a try.

What To Do When There Is No Internet After Uninstalling Avast Premium?

Here we have some suggested fixes from the different forums that you can try to solve the problem of not having internet access after uninstalling Avast premium.

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1. Internet Connectivity

After restarting your PC, the first thing you should check is whether your internet connection is stable or not. You can also call your internet service provider to check the internet connectivity.

On the other hand, you can also unplug your router and wait for two minutes, and then plug it back. Once all the lights have started flashing, check to see whether your internet access is back.

2. Troubleshooting Network

Do try this fix out because some users find it effective to solve their issues.

  • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and click the “No internet connection” icon located on the taskbar’s right side. Select it to activate it by re-entering a password (if it isn’t already). Ensure that Airplane mode is off as well.
  • Are you sure that the WiFi network that you were using is present in the list? If so, choose the Wi-Fi network and have them try to connect to it. Choose Disconnect, wait a bit, then pick Connect once again if it reads Connected next to the network name.
  • To access more troubleshooters, select Start > Settings > System > Troubleshoot.
  • Choose Network Adapter > Run under Other.

3. Use Avast Offline Installer

If you have a stable internet connection and you can access the internet on your other devices then you can use this method to fix no internet issue. Look for Avast offline installer and install the Avast again through this offline installer file and reboot your PC.

After that, open Avast > Security > Network > and click public or private. Now check whether the problem has been fixed or not. After that, if you want to uninstall Avast then do it through the Avast Cleanup tool So it will not create an issue.

4. Update the ASUS Motherboard Drivers

Some users have reported that the no internet access issue after uninstalling Avast Premium actually occurs due to outdated Asus motherboard drivers and their are chances that uninstalling the Avast may cause the Asus drivers not to work properly.

In this case you have to install the most recent version of the drivers for the Asus motherboard.

  • Please navigate to the ASUS support website, type Model Name into the search box, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Choose the Support category first, then Driver & Tools, from the search results that appear.
Update the ASUS Motherboard Drivers
  • Choose a model name.

Move on to the following step if your model does not have this option.

update the ASUS Motherboard Drivers (2)
  • To select the Operating System version you use, scroll down the menu.
Update the ASUS Motherboard Drivers (3)

Please take note that ASUS only offers drivers and utilities for supported platforms. If you’re using a different operating system, try looking for the drivers elsewhere or looking for drivers for older ASUS Notebook models.

  • The list of drivers and utilities is available on the product support website. Click the Download button next to the file you wish to download after finding it.
Update the ASUS Motherboard Drivers (4)
  • Please select See all under this category if you want to view all available variations of a certain category. Click EXPAND ALL to display all available drivers and utilities.

5. Ensure Use a Proxy Server is Not checked

Sometimes users use a proxy server if it is checked you might face no internet issue after uninstalling Avast. For checking it:

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings – make sure ‘Use a proxy server’ is not checked.