Everyone likes to play games, it gives you great joy but comes with the heavy price which is PC overheating. I will here share my personal experience.

I am a game lover buying and playing the latest games is my hobby. This hobby comes with its own set of problems, like updating hardware or software is a daily routine. Currently, my PC has Intel core i5, RAM 16 GB, and graphics card 1050. On a system like that games works very smoothly but a stroke of lightning hit me yesterday. I was playing a game when I noticed that my PC fan is running constantly at a noisy speed.

The thought suddenly vanished from my mind due to my focus on a game. What happened next clearly shows my carelessness.

An hour later my system turned off like totally blacked out. It was so sudden that I didn’t understand what exactly happened. I unplugged the power cable and opened the computer case to figure out by touching the components.

I am not a tech-savvy person so I couldn’t understand the core issue. Then I called the PC technician and told him what happened. After diagnose he told me that my CPU is fried due to high temperature.

He asked me whether I run CPU monitor to check PC overheating, on which my answer was negative. It was a shock to me because my system is quite expensive and I just lost it due to CPU overheating.

Now what was due to happen has happened, you cannot remain sad about it forever. But the good thing is I’m going to buy another PC and I will be very careful this time.

I also did some research on the internet and I came to know some amazing facts. That for gaming PC best CPU temperature is 60C and for GPU best temp is 80C. To check PC temperature HWMonitor is the best CPU monitor program.

From now on I will keep these things in mind because the cost is very high if you ignore it. In my case, I got that experience at the cost of my PC.

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