PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi? 5 Fix For Playstation Internet connection Issues

We have possible causes and solutions to get your PS4 console back online.

PS4 won’t connect to WiFi but everything else does! Playstation 4 not connecting to the internet is the most frustrating problem when it comes to playing multiplayer games, downloading updates, video streaming, or watching a movie.

If you are wondering why your PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi then stick with this post as we have compiled the best troubleshooting tips.

Causes of PlayStation 4 Not Connecting to the Internet

Reasons may vary when you see your internet connection problem. The most common causes are:

  • PlayStation Network (PSN) is offline.
  • Your Wi-Fi network lost internet connectivity.
  • Invalid username or password hindering connectivity.
  • Wrongly configured DNS settings on your PS4.
  • The PS4 and the wireless router is too far to maintaim internet connection.

How To Fix PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi

Follow these fixes that we have gathered from tech forums in an order to get the best result.

Fix 1. Restart Your PS4 & Router

Start with basics and restart your PS4 and Router. Most of the time it fixes PS4 won’t connect to WiFi issues.

To Restart PS4 follow these steps:

  • From Main Screen, press and hold the PS button on your controller.
  • On Quick Menu click on Power tab.
  • Select Restart PS4.

After that restart router manually, wait about five minutes. Now boot up the router and see if the internet connectivity problem is solved in PS4.

Fix 2. Check if Other Devices Connect to the WiFi

Before you blame the PS4 console, check if other devices connect with the WiFi. Use your Computer, Laptop, or Phone to see if these are connecting without any issue.

If other devices can connect to your wireless network, it means that the problem is with your PS4.

Fix 3. Check the Status of PlayStation Network

If the PS4 still won’t connect to the WiFi then check the status of the PlayStation Network page using other devices. If it’s offline you can’t do much to fix the internet connectivity problem.

What you’ll need to check specifically is the status of the “Gaming and Social” service. If it is down you can’t do much except wait till social services are back online.

The PlayStation Network sometimes gets down due to maintenance.

Fix 4. Change PS4 DNS Settings

Sometimes wrong PS4 DNS settings cause the WiFi connection problem. If you change DNS addresses used with your Wi-Fi network, the problem will resolve.

  • From PS4 menu > Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi.
  • Custom > Select the Wi-Fi network > Do Not Specify
  • Select the DNS settings as Manual and Set Primary DNS as and the Secondary DNS as
  • Set MTU Settings (Automatic) > Proxy Server (Do not use)

If the above DNS addresses don’t work, try Primary DNS as and Secondary DNS as

Fix 5. Check PS4’s Internet Connection to the Router

The problem of PS4 not connecting to WiFi doesn’t always revolve around the console. It may be your wired or wireless connection that is causing problems.

If you are connecting PS4 via WiFi then try to closer the router to the console. Due to the distance between the two the signal interruption cannot be ruled out.

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If you are connecting PS4 via Cable then try to swap out the cable. You can also try different Ethernet ports on the router to check if WiFi connects with PS4.

Fix 6. Re-enter your PS4’s Wi-Fi Password

Another reason that causes PS4 won’t connect to WiFi is the wrong password. Make sure that you have connected PlayStation to the WiFi using the correct password.

You can also re-enter the password;

  • Using the PS4 controller, select Settings > Network >Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Select Use Wi-Fi > Easy.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list, re-enter the password, and wait for the connection to establish.

Fix 7. Disable N-Mode on your WiFi Settings

By default, N mode is activated in the router which sometimes causes PS4 internet connection issues. We have confirmed from Reddit that disabling N mode in wireless router fixes the problem.

Here’s how to Disable Wireless N Network Support

  • Press Windows + R and type devmgmt.msc to open Device manager.
  • In the Device Manager, double-click on Network adapters to expand the list.
  • Select the appropriate wireless adapter, and double click on it to open Properities.
  • Click on the Advanced Tab.
  • Here select 802.11n Mode, and in the Value section click to select Disabled or Enabled.

Fix 8. Connect to LAN and Update Your PS4.

Sometimes the software glitch or bug also causes the PS4 won’t connect to WiFi error. You won’t be able to connect PS4 to the internet, so try using a LAN cable to give your PS4 internet connection.

Once the connection is established update the PS4 software version. Here’s how;

  • From PS4 Main Screen, press the Up button on the D-Pad and navigate to the Settings.
  • Go to System Software Update tab and select Update Now.
  • Now click on the Accept button.

If the system found any update for Playstation 4, it will automatically install it. Now unplug the LAN cable and try to connect PS4 using WiFi.

Fix 9. Initialize PlayStation 4 Console

If you have applied the above fixes and the PS4 still won’t connect to WiFi then you need to initialize the console. Maybe some system files got corrupt during the update or while downloading the game.

To fix Playstation internet connection issues follow these steps;

  • PS4’s Settings using the controller
  • Click on the Initialization tab > Initialize PS4 > Full.

It will delete all the files on the storage device making PS4 new but it will take several hours.

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