How To Fix Sons of the Forest Can’t Change Resolution – Full Screen or Borderless Window Not Working

Sons of the Forest is a popular survival horror game developed by End night Games. It features stunning graphics and a gripping storyline that keeps players engaged throughout. However, some players have reported experiencing issues with the game’s display settings, specifically with changing the resolution and display mode.

This article will provide solutions to fix Sons of Forest’s inability to change resolution and full screen or borderless window not working.

Why Sons of the Forest Can’t Change Resolution

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There are several reasons why a player may experience issues with changing the resolution or display mode in Sons of the Forest. Here are some of the most common causes like Screen resolution mismatch, running other applications, Permission issues, and many other factors that affect it.

How To Fix Sons of the Forest Can’t Change Resolution or Borderless Window Not Working

So, let’s not waste any more time and jump into some fixes for this issue.

1. Change Resolution in Sons of the Forest

Normally, this issue is caused by the misconfiguration of the game settings. You should try to set the resolution from in-game settings  by following these steps are as under:

  • Open Steam, and click on Library.
  • Launch the Sons of the Forest, and go to System.
  • Click on Graphics, and under the Resolution, option changes it to the highest resolution whatever highest resolution you use.
  • Set the Screen Mode into Fullscreen or whatever you want.
  • Once you did close the Sons of the Forest and relaunch it.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes, the biggest problem has a small solution. You can use keyboard shortcuts that can help you to turn your display into full-screen mode:

  • Most of the player solves this issue by pressing Alt + Enter and F11 which will also perform the same function.

3. Change Windows Resolution

Make sure your screen resolution matches the resolution you are trying to set in Sons of the Forest. If it doesn’t match, change your screen resolution to the correct one. You can do this by going to your computer’s display settings and selecting the appropriate resolution.

Once you’ve changed the resolution, launch the Sons of the Forest, and check if the issue is resolved.

  • Press Window + I to open the windows settings.
  • Click on System, and go to Display.
  • Navigate to Display resolution, a Set resolution to the 1920 x 1080 resolution setting.
  • Click on Apply.

4. Edit the Graphics Config File

There are many other ways that you can change graphic settings by editing the graphic config file but one of them you can use the following steps:

  • Navigate to the directory where the Sons of the Forest game is installed. [C:\Users\Username\APPDATA\EldenRing\GraphicsConfig.xml]
  • You’ll have to search for the GraphicsConfig.xml file.
  • Now, open a specific file in Notepad and check if the </span>FULLSCREEN</ScreenMode> line is present or not in the file.
  • If this line is not present in the file then try to add it to the file.
  • Press the Ctrl + S keys to Save the changes on your PC. 
  • At last, reboot the PC to apply changes, and launch Sons of the Forest to check for the issue.

Some of the user’s feedback was that disabling full-screen optimization works for that issue so the following are the steps that you can also disable full-screen optimization.

5. Run the Game as an Administrator

Running Sons of the Forest as an administrator can give the game the necessary permissions to change the display settings. To do this, right-click on the Sons of the Forest game icon and select “Run as administrator.” Once the game launches, go to the display settings and try changing the resolution or display mode. If someone is not familiar with this task follow the steps:

  • Go to Steam Library.
  • Right-click on Sons of the Forest, then click on Manage.
  • Select Browse local files, and locate the Sons of the Forest installed location.
  • Navigate and right-click on EldenRing.exe, and select Run as administrator.

6. Verify the Integrity of the Game File

If you’re a Steam user, you can verify the integrity of the game files to ensure that all game files are correctly installed and not corrupted. To do this,

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right-click on Sons of the Forest
  • Select Properties
  • From there, select the Local Files tab
  • Click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Steam will then check your game files and download any missing or corrupted files.

7. Update Your Graphics Card Driver

Outdated or missing graphics card drivers can cause display issues in games. To fix this, check for and update your graphics card driver. You can do this by visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading the latest driver for your specific graphics card model. Once you’ve downloaded the driver, install it and restart your computer before launching the game.

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website for your graphics card.
  • Download the latest driver for your specific graphics card model.
  • Install the driver and restart your computer before launching the game.

8. Use a Dedicated Graphics Card

Using a dedicated graphics card is generally preferred over an integrated graphics card as it offers better and more stable graphics performance. If possible, it is recommended that you use a dedicated graphics card instead of an integrated one.