How to Fix Starfield Operation Starseed Bug (NPC Hostile Bug)

Just like the Into The Unknown bug players are once again dealing with the Operation Starseed Bug. The players have reported that while this side quest progresses normally all of a sudden all NPC (Settlers) turn hostile.

During a conversation with Ada Lovelace to get the Beagle codes decrypted all of a sudden situation worsened. Most players can talk with Franklin but no matter what dialogue choice you take all NPCs turn hostile getting their guns out.

If you are also dealing with the Starfield Operation Starseed bug then here are certain workarounds that will help you get past hostility.

How to Fix Operation Starseed Bug in Starfield

These are not official fixes but workarounds that have worked for many players. You should also try it.

1. Wait in Your Ship

According to Reddit user SeaworthinessMean201, if you’re attacked by NPCs during Operation Starseed in Starfield. You might want to try waiting for an hour on your ship. After that time passes, the NPCs should become friendly again.

2. Use Starfield Console Command

To fix Starfield’s Operation Starseed quest bug, player EonSloth found a solution by eliminating all the hostile NPCs.

He saved time by using the ‘kah‘ Console Command, which instantly removed all enemies in the area and allowed him to proceed with the quest as usual. Read our guide to using Starfield Console Commands.

3. Don’t Hold Your Gun

A player shared a helpful tip on Reddit. If you holster your weapon before initiating a conversation after the fight with Genghis Khan, it may prevent the NPCs from attacking you. While it might not work in every situation, it worked for this player and could be worth trying.

4. Focus on The Target

If you only shoot the one you intend to and not the settlers, then it doesn’t bug out. We think there is some code that got missed, so it registers shooting any settler as an illegal act in the whole town, it just takes a second after the incident to kick in.