How to Fix Starfield Into the Unknown Bug (Not Showing/Starting) on PC/XBOX

Starfield Into The Unknown is the main story quest that you have to complete. It is a main story quest important to the game’s story. Unfortunately, many players are affected by nto the Unknown bug where this quest either won’t show up or not start.

Starfield Into The Unknown quest requires you to investigate the source of the anomaly and mysterious signals coming from a specific planet. The problem occurs when you can’t find the start or see this quest in your quest log.

In this article, we have explained ways to fix Starfield Into the Unknown Bug. Although these solutions are not official they have helped many players.

How to Fix the Into the Unknown Bug in Starfield

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1. Use setstage 000160A9 600 in the Console Command

If you’re playing a game and a quest called “Into the Unknown” doesn’t appear in your quest list due to a bug, you can use a console command to skip it. Although it’s not the best solution because you’ll miss out on the quest, it will allow you to continue playing the game if you don’t want to wait for an official fix from the game developers at Bethesda.

Here is how to use the command:

  1. Open the Console using the Tilde (~) key
  2. Enter the command “setstage 000160A9 600” to directly skip the Into the Unknown Quest

This solution disable your ability to earn achievements and could have unknown consequences for future storylines

The issue with this solution is that it doesn’t actually repair the mission; instead, it just allows you to bypass it. This can be useful if you’re okay with not experiencing a part of the storyline and want to keep playing. However, please be aware that it will mark your save file as modified, meaning you won’t be able to earn any new achievements in the game after doing this.

Regrettably, console players, specifically those on Xbox, won’t have the option to use console commands. If you’re a console player and don’t have access to a PC, there’s no workaround for this issue.

2. Choose The Landing Spot With The Anomaly

If you have managed to make the “Into the Unknown” quest appear in your quest list, you might encounter another problem. This one stops you from using your scanner to check distortions, which are important for the quest.

When you try to scan, nothing happens. To solve this, you need to go into space and choose the right landing spot with the anomaly. There are two landing spots very close to each other, and you have to select the correct one with the anomaly to make the quest work properly.

3. Fast Travel Far Away

One commonly attempted solution is to repeatedly fast-travel away from Procyon III to various locations and then return, although this method may not consistently resolve the issue.

Another potential fix involves traveling to a different star system such as Alpha Centauri or Cassiopeia and then returning to Procyon III within the Procyon A system. After completing this maneuver, revisit the mission, and you should find that the signal becomes accessible, making it a worthwhile troubleshooting step.

4. Make Sarah Your Companion

According to a Reddit user, a potential solution is to select Sarah as your companion and have Sam join your crew on your ship. After doing so, engage in a conversation with them. It’s worth noting that while this method may not work for everyone, it’s a straightforward and quick solution to consider trying.

5. Don’t Complete Legacy’s End – Sysdef/Crimson Fleet Quest

According to Reddit users, there seems to be a potential issue with the “Into the Unknown” quest if you complete a specific quest called “Legacy’s End,” which is related to the Sysdef/Crimson Son Fleet.

Some users have reported that starting but not finishing “Legacy’s End” allowed them to progress through “Into the Unknown” without any problems. Conversely, others have mentioned that they haven’t even started “Legacy’s End,” yet they encountered difficulties progressing in the “Into the Unknown” quest.

6. Reload your save

Reloading the game and initiating the mission from the beginning may also offer a chance to generate the missing marker that was previously absent.

7. Wait for the Starfield Patch Update:

As previously mentioned, the most reliable solution is to let the game developers address the issue. Once a patch is released, update your game, and you can continue playing without concerns about wasting in-game time or missing out on any achievements.

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