How To Fix Starfield Incoming Weather Status Bug (incoming weather hazard warning)

Starfield Incoming Weather hazard warning buf is another issue that is preventing players from exploring new worlds. Many players have dealt with a bug where extreme weather incoming status stays in effect. No matter where you go or what planet you’re on it won’t go away.

According to Steam and Reddit users, Starfield’s Incoming weather bug appears after fighting a boss in Echoes of Past. For many Starfield Extreme Incoming Weather status randomly appears.

If you are also stuck in this situation then here we have explained methods to fix the Starfield Incoming Weather Bug on PC and XBOX.

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How To Fix Starfield Incoming Weather Status Effect Bug

There is no official fix or workaround all the solutions are based on forums research and testing. most of them work so you can apply them.

1. Restart Starfield

A tried-and-true workaround that has helped numerous players resolve this bug is to attempt a game restart. To do this, simply exit the game and then relaunch it. Afterward, check to see if the status effect bug still persists.

2. Loading Previous Saves

To address this bug, you can try loading previous save files from a point where the bug didn’t affect your gameplay. However, this solution depends on whether you have any manual or quick-save files that were created before the bug occurred.

Additionally, you may need to replay certain missions and sidequests to catch up to your current progress. Nevertheless, this approach offers hope for resolving the incoming weather bug, provided you have usable old save files.

3. Replace it with a different warning

As per a Reddit user’s suggestion, you can address this bug in Starfield by visiting Mars during an active sandstorm. Doing so will replace the previous status effect with the new one, and the new warning should not get stuck like the previous one.

To resolve this issue, simply venture into a different hostile area to trigger a new status effect warning and eliminate the bug.

4. Use the Console Command (For PC Players)

Fortunately, PC players have the option to address the Starfield incoming weather bug using a specific console command. Here are the steps:

  1. Press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard to open the console command box.
  2. In the console command text box, type the following command:
    player.dispel 281ed2
  3. Press the Enter key to execute this cheat, which will remove the incoming weather status effect.
  4. If you wish to remove all status effects, you can use the following console command:
    Copy codeplayer.dispelallspells

Keep in mind that you need to be on the surface or ground, not flying or inside a ship, when you enter this cheat. However, please be aware that using in-game commands like these will disable Achievements in the game.

5. Progress the Main Quest Missions

According to feedback from some players on Reddit, advancing through the main quest missions in the campaign has been effective in resolving the bug. It’s worth noting that in some cases, certain bugs are intentionally designed to be part of the game.

Therefore, this particular bug might naturally resolve itself as you continue to progress further in the game.

6. Return to the Same Planet

To resolve the weather status bug in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the planet where you encountered the incoming weather status bug. If you can’t remember, choose a planet with extreme weather conditions.
  2. Touch down on the planet’s surface and initiate a thorough scan of the environment.
  3. After your exploration is complete, return to your spaceship.
  4. Avoid using fast travel at this point.
  5. Instead, remain patient and take off in your spaceship. This action should help resolve the bug effectively.

7. Contact Bethesda Support

Last but not least you can contact Bethesda Support in case the Starfield Incoming Weather bug remains there.

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