How To Fix Starfield Power From Beyond Quest Bug

Are you dealing with Starfield’s Power From Beyond bug? Just like Into The Unknown many players Power From Beyond Quest bug in Starfield has taken frustrating turn.

A number of players have encountered an issue where Vladimir fails to provide location to track the temple. With no marker and map to follow you can’t manually scan whole planet to reach the place. Due to the disappearance of the main quest from the quest log and Vladimir’s inability to provide temple locations you can’t acquire the powers.

In this guide we have explained simple workarounds to fix Starfield Power From Beyond Quest Bug

How To Fix Starfield Power From Beyond Quest Bug

1. Plot course to Altair I

To resolve the issue in the “Power from Beyond” quest in Starfield, follow these steps, as suggested by Reddit user u/machenae:

  1. Open the menu and access the Starmap.
  2. In the Starmap, set a course to Altair.
  3. When you reach Altair I, the quest marker for “Power from Beyond” should now appear as expected.

This method was shared by the Reddit user to address a similar bug in the Navacci mission and may also work for fixing the “Power from Beyond” quest.

2. Plot A Course To The Planet

  • Open the game and go to the Starmap.
  • Press the Missions button on the Starmap.
  • Select a Chart Course.
  • Go to the planet and do not make a land zone.
  • Select a landing site you did not create.
  • You should reach the Temple now.

3. Look Manually for the Marker

The reason for this bug occurring is that you visited the system before receiving the quest during your exploration. As a result, the quest marker glitched out, making it necessary to manually navigate to the location to proceed.

4. Try New Game Plus (NG+)

To unlock the final missing ability in the game during New Game Plus (NG+), follow these steps:

  1. Start a New Game Plus (NG+).
  2. Quickly progress through the beginning stages and skip to the main quest.
  3. Visit Vladimir to obtain information about temple locations.
  4. Specifically, focus on finding the second temple, as it may hold the key to unlocking the last ability you were missing.

This method should help you acquire the last ability you need to enhance your character during New Game Plus.

5. Finish Constellation Quests

  • Continue working on the constellation quests and finish them.
  • After completing the constellation quests, return to the lodge and talk with the star born on their ship.
  • Once this is done, all the quests in “Power From Beyond” should become available, allowing you to progress through the quest line.

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