Where to Find The Den in the Wolf System in Starfield (Location)

Are you navigating the vast universe of Starfield in search of The Den, a hidden gem in the Wolf system where you can easily sell contraband?

The Starfield Trade Authority can buy anything from you even contraband and smuggle items. So if you have these items in your inventory then you should find The Den in the Wolf System in Starfield. It’s a place where you can easily sell such illegal items.

While selling in Starfield is quite easy, you can still get in trouble if you sell contrabands in the United Colonies. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to find The Den in the Wolf system, and why it’s a crucial location, especially in the early stages of the game.

Where to Find The Den In The Wolf System in Starfield

Step 1: Open your map and zoom out until you see all the different star systems. You should be on the Surface Map of the current planet or system you are on.

Step 2: Locate Alpha Centauri and focus on the top right side. There, you’ll find the Wolf System, as shown in the images above.

Step 3: Jump to the Wolf system, and once you’re there, make your way to The Den.

Step 4: Upon reaching The Den, approach the space station. You’ll need to fly up to within 500 meters to dock.

Step 5: Inside the space station, you’ll find the Trade Authority on your left. This is where you can buy or sell various items, including contraband.

Why is The Den & Wolf System Important For Players?

Now, you might wonder why The Den and the Wolf System are so crucial, especially in the early game of Starfield. The answer lies in the fact that The Den doesn’t scan your ship. This unique feature allows you to carry contraband or other stolen illegal goods without the risk of alerting the United Colonies (UC).

In Starfield, the Trade Authority in the Wolf System is willing to purchase almost anything from you, making it an excellent place to make a hefty profit. However, be cautious when dealing with contraband, as getting caught with illegal goods can lead to trouble with the UC.