Top 6 AI Tools For Mobile Game Developers in 2024

Listing the best AI tools for creating mobile games.

Are you looking for an AI game asset, art, or level design generator with the ai game engine? Recently so many video game aspects are generated using AI tools. In 2023, AI exploded, impacting industries, especially creativity. Game devs use AI for richer stories, animations, and assets. AI quickens drafts, explores options, refines work, and unlocks solutions. Gaming thrives with AI’s potential.

For designers, developers, illustrators, or animators we’ve curated a list of six groundbreaking AI tools for mobile game development. These top AI tools include the free AI game art generator.

How AI can be used in Game Development?

Artificial intelligence provides various tools that make game development easier. It can either enhance or replace development workflow, especially when it comes to ideation and creating the necessary game assets.

The versatility and usefulness of AI are what have seen it used in various industries and in different ways, including the use of AI in 5G networks, so it is not surprising that it is also being used in game development.

Best AI Tools for Video Game Development

1. Hidden Door for Making Text-Based Games

Hidden Door for Making Text-Based Games

If you already have a work of fiction that you would like to turn into a game, Hidden Door is the perfect AI tool. The platform uses the work you have already done to turn it into different immersive worlds and storylines that your players can get into at any point.

Hidden Door also has strong content moderation tools that allow you to create an immersive world while protecting younger players from the content you do not want them to see or access.

2. Stability.AI

Stability.AI Game Generator

Dream Studio by formerly called Stable Diffusion is an open source Best AI tool to develop games. You can create custom game assets easily. It has plenty of sliders to make adjustments that make getting the exact assets you need much easier.

If you do not want to create your own presets, Dream Studio gives you numerous presets to pick from, such as neon punk, low poly, fantasy, anime, photographic, and many other styles.

You can also provide a reference image to use beside the sliders. You can dictate how closely you want the generated assets to resemble the reference.

This AI game generator is fast at producing the images you need, with most prompts leading to an image in about a minute. You can manipulate or tweak the images however you like.

3. Charisma AI For Building Conversational Characters

Charisma AI For Building Conversational Characters

Charisma provides a generation model for building characters and is used by the BBC, PlayStation, and Warner Bros. The company says it wants to provide creators with rich storytelling capabilities that allow them to create characters who can remember past events and interactions, have state-of-the-art and distinct voices, and can give accurate emotional responses.

Players can also use Charisma’s Unreal Engine to edit and preview their characters and their character’s performances and scripts.

4. RunWay ML For Storytelling Games

RunWay ML For Storytelling Games

Runway ML AI generator is more of an AI development platform than a simple generative model. Creators can use it to run machine learning models through its simple-to-use user interface. They can also use the various provided tools to create and train AI models, which they can integrate into other applications.

RunWay ML targets the creative and image development aspects of game development and is not a development pipeline tool. For this reason, it is an excellent tool for UA (User Acquisition) teams. Users can use its pre-trained models or develop their own using data they already own. They can also share their models with others. Some of its integrations include Slack, GitHub, and cloud-based deployment.

5. Layer.AI For Generating Game Art

Layer.AI For Generating Game Art

Layer.AI aims to help creators reduce the time it takes to expand their existing asset collections. Once logged in, you will be provided with a few options that help you focus better on what you would like to create. For example, you can focus on graphical user interfaces, models, backgrounds, characters, and more.

Once you have chosen what you would like to focus on, you will provide a prompt and then wait for the AI to finish generating the assets you want.

Layer.AI also excels at tracking the assets you already have and creating new ones. For example, you can provide up to 25 character reference images or 2-3 backgrounds. Once you hit the generate button, the AI will use all the information you have provided to create unlimited variations of the character or backgrounds.

6. Ludo.AI To Create Hit Games

Ludo.AI To Create Hit Games

If you want a solution that just works, Ludo.AI is the tool for you. It is aimed at creators in the ideation phase, as it identifies trends and patterns in the world of gaming to help you pick content and themes that ensure your game will be a hit.

Game developers have numerous tools to use in various stages of their game development workflows. One of these is artificial intelligence, which helps with everything from ideation and creating compelling stories, to creating new assets or extending existing asset collections.

More AI Tools For Mobile Game Developers

In no particular order, here’s the rest of the list for you to explore and experiment with, and will change the way you create, develop and make games forever.

  •  Create stunning game assets with AI.
  •  AI character creation.
  • Pixel Vibe by – AI Game Assets.
  • GANimator – Neural Motion Sequencing.
  • – Complete generative voice AI toolkit.
  • Midjourney – Discord platform for AI images.
  • ChatGPT – Text to code and so much more.
  • – Instant textures for your next game.
  • DALL·E 2 – Create realistic images and art from the text.
  • Pixelicious – Convert Your Images into Pixel Art.
  • – Realistic, custom avatars on your phone.
  • – An AI copilot for game studios.
  • – Character posing, physics, and more.
  • – Text-to-speech AI voice generator.
  • – AI Video from the text.
  • – 360 degrees skyboxes for Unity.
  • Machinations – Predict game economies.
  • Unity AI Beta – AI ecosystem directly within Unity.
  • Adobe Firefly – AI right inside Photoshop.
  • Fotor – AI Game Assets Generator.