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How To Fix Google Pixel 6 Can’t Send SMS/MMS?

Fix Google Pixel 6 Can’t Send SMS/MMS

Google Pixel 6 can’t send SMS/MMS? Usually, every mobile can offer to send and receive SMS/MMS. Most phones offer this service without any glitches, but users complain about the Google Pixel 6 can’t send or receive text messages.

In this article, you will know the fixes about how to tackle the google pixel 6 can’t send or receive text messages and not send pictures issue. We have found the easiest troubleshooting tips that you can follow by yourself easily and quickly.

How to Fix the Google Pixel 6 Can’t Send/Receive SMS?

Below are the easiest fixes you can try to tackle this issue.

Fix 1. Reboot your Pixel Phone

Sometimes system glitches occur and can cause this problem. Firstly you need to reboot your phone by pressing the power button for some seconds. After rebooting the phone check if the issue gets resolved by sending the message to your own number.

If the message goes through but is not received then check the mobile internal storage because text messages are saved in the phone’s internal storage. So you should delete some text messages to fix this issue.

Fix 2. Check the Signal Bars

You can also check the signal bars if the phone is unable to send or receive SMS. If the phone is not getting any signal then try to boot your device into safe mode because some third-party apps can cause a loss of signals. so you need to boot your phone in safe mode:

Fix 3. Master Reset your Google Pixel

If the problem remains then you need a factory reset before performing this fix you should back up all your data because it will wipe out all your phone’s data.

Here’s how you can apply this fix:

How to Fix Google Pixel 6 Can’t Send /Receive MMS?

For sending and receiving MMS, mobile data is required. The phone must be connected to your provider’s mobile data network to use the service. If you are facing this problem then follow the below fixes.

Fix 4. Check Mobile Data is Enabled on your Phone

You should make sure that mobile data is enabled on your phone. Here’s how you can verify this fix:

Fix 5. Verify APN Settings on Your Device

Verifying the APN settings is necessary so your phone can connect to the data network of your provider. Even if a single character is missing or incorrectly entered, your mobile phone device will not be able to connect to the network, and your service would be interrupted or disrupted.

Fix 6. Call your Service Provider

If you apply all the above fixes and still the problem persists then you need to call your service provider and inquire about your account and if there is any problem with the network. If no issue is found in the network then there is an issue with your phone

Fix 7. Reset your Phone

You need to reset your phone to resolve this issue. Here’s how you can apply this fix:

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