How to Get Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Complete method to breed Get Shiny Charizard.

Charizard is a fire-type dragon-shaped Pokรฉmon. This is the new Pokรฉmon that has been added in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Due to its legendary history, this is one of the most famous Pokรฉmon and everyone wants to get him.

Charizard has Heat Wave, Fire Fang, Flare Blitz, and Flamethrower abilities which will help you a lot during the Tera Raids.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Charizard in Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet.

Charizard Pokรฉmon Stats

These are some stats of Charizard Pokรฉmon.

  • HP (78)
  • Attack (84)
  • Defense (78)
  • Special Attack (109)
  • Special Defence (85)
  • Speed (100)

The total score of his base stats is 534. Which you can increase by evolving him into shiny Charizard form.

Shiny Charizard is not the Pokรฉmon that you can find like a normal one. First, you need to get the Charizard and then breed the eggs to get the Shiny Charizard Pokemon.

How to Get Charizard Pokรฉmon in Scarlet and Violet

Recently event is introduced related to Charizard. It’s a time-limited event but if you have missed one don’t worry these events will come again.

Start 7 Star Tera Raids To Get Charizard

7 Star Tera Raids related to Charizard but you can only access these raids when you finish the whole game. After that, you need to win Academy Ace Tournament.

To begin Tera Raids assemble your best Pokemon team with your friends and beat the Raid to get Charizard. Along with the Charizard, you will get a lot of other items.

Start 7 Star Tera Raids To Get Charizard

Once you get Charizard you need to breed an egg to get the Shiny Charizard which you can do by two methods.

These are two Methods.

  • Simple Method
  • Masuda Method

1. Simple Method

In this Method, you need to start breeding by starting the picnic. There are also some materials and recipes that you can craft to get the shiny egg.

  • Compote du Fils: Buy it from Gastronomie EN Famille Restaurant located in Medali West. This will cost you 2800 Poke Dollars.
buy compote de fils
  • Mirror Herb: Buy it from Delibird Presents in Cascarraffa which will cost you 30,000 Poke Dollars.
  • Soft Sand from Delibird Presents in Levincia which will cost you 3000 Poke Dollars. You can also

2. Masuda Method

You need to have a Pokรฉmon in a different language than yours to do this method. Arrange the eggs in the boxes and if you get lucky you will get a Shiny Baby Charmander. You must have a foreign Ditto in your party while doing this method.

arraging eggs for charmander in box

How To Evolve Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once you get the Shiny Baby Charmander you need to level up to evolve him. Charmander level will be 10 when you first hatch him.

You can use Rare Candy and Exp Items to evolve him into Charmeleon. At level 16 Charmander will evolve into Charmeleon.

evolving charmander

Now you need to level up Charmeleon further. You need to do a picnic and also some battles to learn some moves. At level 36 Charmeleon will evolve into Charizard.

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