How to Fix Testament: The Order of High Human Stuck on Loading Screen?

Are you frustrated by the persistent issue of Testament: The Order of High Human being stuck on the loading screen? You’re not alone. Many gamers have complained of infinite loading issues. That’s why we have provided here a list of solutions to overcome this stuck-on-the-loading screen in Testament: The Order of High Human.

Before moving onwards it’s important to know that Windows permissions, corrupted game files, an incompatible DirectX version, outdated GPU drivers, compatibility conflicts with startup services, or issues with Windows Firewall are the genal causes of stuck on the loading screen issue.

Don’t worry here we have explained the best fixes to resolve this issue.

How to Fix Testament: The Order of High Human stuck on the loading screen?

Apply the below solutions one by one to get a better result.

1. Verify game files

Start with verifying the game files. There may be a missing or corrupt game file that is causing this issue. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Steam or the game client you are using for this item.
  2. Navigate to the game library.
  3. Right-click on Testament: The Order of High Human and then click on Properties.
  4. Navigate to the Local Files tab.
  5. Click on Verify integrity of game files.

2. Update GPU Drivers

Make sure to install the most recent patch version if your Windows computer’s graphics driver hasn’t been updated. So make sure to update GPU drivers, for that follow these steps:

  • To access the Quick Link Menu, use the Windows + X keys.
  • After that, double-click Display Adapters under Device Manager in the list.
  • Click the right mouse button once to bring up the context menu.
  • Next, select Update Driver > Select Automatic Driver Search.
  • If an update is available, the system will download and install it automatically.
  • Restart the computer to quickly apply changes after finishing.

Best Alternate To Update Graphics Driver

NVIDIA and AMD do release game-specific updates that you can download and install on your PC but it takes time.

Especially, if you are a newbie or you don’t have time or skills then there are chances that you might end up installing the wrong graphics drivers.

So we recommend downloading Driver Easy software on your PC. This program is a professional system driver updater that automatically scans a PC’s old driver and updates them instantly.

We have personally used this tool on our Windows 11 PC. The most favorite part is its outstanding scanning feature. You can instantly know which PC part needs to be updated.

The Driver Easy is an N0.1 software updater tool in its field with a mega database of more than 600000 drivers. Users have been using this tool for the last 12 years to fix their PC errors.

So download Driver Easy and let it deal with all the system drivers.

3. Clear the cache

Clearing the cache of a Testament: The Order of High Human on a Windows PC can help resolve issues like being stuck on an infinite loading screen. Follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + R and type %localappdata%
  • Navigate to the game folder and delete all cache files.

4. Perform a Clean Boot

Try a clean boot on your computer to see if the problem has been fixed. For that:

  • To display the Run dialog box, press the Windows + R keys.
  • Press Enter after typing msconfig to launch System Configuration.
  • Turn on the option labeled Hide all Microsoft services under the Services tab.
  • Select “Disable All” To save changes, click Apply, followed by OK.
  • Go to the Startup tab now and choose “Open Task Manager.”
  • An interface for Task Manager will appear. Go to the Startup tab here.
  • Then select the specific task with the greatest startup impact.
  • Once they have been chosen, select Disable to remove them from the startup sequence.
  • For each program that has a greater starting effect, follow the same processes.
  • Restart your PC.

5. Disable Antivirus Software /Firewall

If you are using any antivirus program on your PC then turn it off or you can add the game to the software’s whitelist. In case you are only using the Windows Security protection on your PC then make sure to disable the real-time protection feature.

Follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I shortcut keys to open the Windows Settings menu.
  • Click on Update & Security > Click on Windows Security from the left pane.
  • Now, click on the Open Windows Security button.
  • Go to Virus & threat protection > Click on Manage Settings.
  • Next, you’ll need to turn off the Real-time protection toggle.
  • If prompted, click on Yes to proceed further.

6. Increase the Virtual Memory

Try manually increasing your virtual memory if it isn’t big enough to meet your demands and you’re out of RAM which can be one of the reasons Testament: The Order of High Human is stuck on the loading screen.

  • Type advanced system settings while holding down the Windows logo key on the keyboard.
  • Go to View advanced system settings and click.
  • Go to Settings, choose the Advanced tab, and then select Change.
  • Uncheck the box next to manage paging file size for all drives Automatically.
  • Choose your C: disk (where Windows is installed) > In the text boxes for the Initial size (MB) and Maximum size (MB), click the Options button next to the Custom size and enter 4096.

Keep in mind: It’s always preferable to increase virtual memory three times higher than the available RAM. [1GB=1024MB]

  • To save changes, click OK after selecting Set.
  • Restart your game and PC.

7. Close Unnecessary Background Tasks

Another action you can do to ensure there is no additional resource usage in the background of your computer is to simply end unwanted background processes. To finish up chores in the background:

  • To launch Task Manager, use the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys.
  • Select the task you want to end by selecting it under the Processes tab.
  • Select it, then click End Task. Make sure to follow the instructions for each task separately.
  • Once finished, simply restart your computer to see the new effects.