All Age Of Empires 4 Cheats For PC [Updated New Cheat Codes]

Are there Age of Empires 4 cheat codes yet?

What are the Age of empire 4 cheats that you can use on PC? Well AOE 4 cheats were not there when the game was released a year earlier. It’s the Season Three update that has now introduced a fully working aoe4 cheats.

With cheats or some might say console commands you can start your journey much more easily against the AIs.

In this updated article we have listed all the AOE 4 cheat codes that are added in patch 24916.

How to Enable Age of Empires 4 Cheats

Note: Using any cheat codes will render all achievements and masteries null for that session

Currently, you can only use cheats in AOE IV in Skirmish/Custom Game mode. You need to enable the respective cheat setting in the Game Setup before you start the battle.

Once the game start press Enter during gameplay to activate a text box, enter the code with or without Casing, and press Enter again

You will see a notification in the Chat Box and you see units appearing from the player’s Town Center.

All Age Of Empires 4 Cheats Codes on PC

Cheat CodeEffect
photon manSpawns a Photon Man unit (Custom/Skirmish)
inna jiffyInstantly build, research and produce units (Custom/Skirmish)
full meal dealGrants player food (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
i have an app ideaGrants player gold (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
take it for graniteGrants player stone (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
make it quickKills selected units and buildings (Custom)
knock on woodGrants player wood (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
smorgasbordGrants player 100,000 of all resources (Custom/Campaign)
i give upLose the game (Custom/Campaign)
it was knownRemoves fog of war (Custom)
it is knownReveals or hides map (Custom)
another roundSlows down simulation in scenario (Campaign)
another cupEnables turbo mode in scenario (Campaign)
age me up scottyAdvance to the next age (Custom)
anti-pokeMakes selected units and buildings invulnerable (Custom)
you monsterKills all Gaia (Custom)
minimally minimalHides or shows UI (Custom/Campaign)
king size bedsGrants max population cap (Custom/Campaign)
at the coreSpawns one of each core unit (Custom)
big bad sheepTurns sheep into wolves (Custom/Campaign)
out with the newReplaces the attack notification from Age of Empires IV with the alarm from Age of Empires II (Custom/Campaign)
one of usConverts selected units (Custom)
this is fineSets selected buildings on fire (Custom)
zeleportTeleports player’s selected units to cursor (Custom)

What’s the Unofficial AOE 4 Cheats

Before Season Three Update a Reddit user u/mbwilding has figured out a way how to open the Age of Empires 4 command console and use cheat codes. Although thee were unofficial they worked.

How To Use AoE 4 Cheats a Year Ago on PC

It is worth noting that many of these codes are still undergoing development and testing, so be careful when using them

Follow these steps.

  • Extract the dev folder from the downloaded ZIP linked below into C:Program Files (x86)Steam/steam/apps/common/AgeofEmpiresIV
  • It should end up looking like Age of Empires IV dev*.lua
  • In steam right click Age of Empires IV and click on Properties
  • Add the launch option: -dev
  • In-game press CTRL+SHIFT+ The key above tab on a US keyboard
  • Paste in this text (Ctrl+V): dofile(“dev/cheatmenu.lua”)
  • Hit Enter
  • Then press CTRL+SHIFT+ ~ again

Cheats for Age of Empires IV

Once you have performed the part mentioned above, simply press the combinations to get the required effect.

Age of Empires 4 Cheats Codes PC are Working
EffectCommand Code
+1000 ResourcesALT+SHIFT+1
Reveal MapALT+SHIFT+3
Instant BuildALT+SHIFT+5
Turbo modeCTRL+T
Slow modeCTRL+S
Spawn VillagerCTRL+SHIFT+1
Spawn SpearmanCTRL+SHIFT+2
Spawn ArcherCTRL+SHIFT+3
Spawn HorsemanCTRL+SHIFT+4
Spawn Man at ArmsCTRL+SHIFT+5
Spawn KnightCTRL+SHIFT+6
Spawn CrossbowmanCTRL+SHIFT+7
Spawn SheepCTRL+SHIFT+8
Spawn ScoutCTRL+SHIFT+9
Note: It only works on a single player.

Do Cheat Engine and Trainer Work in Age of Empires 4?

There are various links to cheat engines and trainers that you can find on the internet and on Reddit. However, we suggest to Ao E IV cheat engine developed by the FearLess Revolution.

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