Fortnite: How to Find Secret Goofy Gravestones

With the Halloween season taking over in Fortnitemares Event, there is a new introduction of Goofy Gravestones. Goofy Gravestones are Gravestones with one-liner jokes.

There are new decorations and Halloween-themed places of interest all over the island. There are 2 new NPC bosses Chrome Punk and Willow, Zombie Chicken, and the new Goofy Gravestones all over the island.

What are Goofy Gravestones

Goofy Gravestones is a totally new easter egg that has been added to the game in the Fortnitemares update. There are gravestones in Fortnite before in different areas but you cannot interact with them.

They are a part of the island but Goofy Gravestones are different with special one-liner jokes when you interact with them.

What are Goofy Gravestones

The Goofy Gravestone does not mention who is buried in the Grave but pops up funny one-liners. Goofy Gravestones have been fairly popular all over the Fortnite community. Firstly, everyone is confused if Goofy Gravestones have a purpose but they are sure as a part of the Fortnitemares to complement the spooky season.

Here are all the Goofy Gravestones one-liners

There are a few of these funny one-liners with Goofy Gravestones. They are spread across the map in different locations. Most of these one-liners have links to Fortnite’s main storyline and the events that happened in the past.

Here are all the Goofy Gravestones one-liners

Here are all the Goofy Gravestones one-liners with their main location to be found on the map.

  • Available for Sublet – contact Grisabelle –Sleepy Sounds
  • In case of a zombie outbreak, this grave will be unoccupied –Grim Gables Graveyard
  • Willow’s Axe Cache – Don’t Touch! –Willow’s Cabin( Northwest of Reality Tree)
  • Didn’t thank the Bus Driver –West of Reality Tree
  • Meowscles (Life 3 of 9) –House in the middle of Loot Lake
  • It’s just teeth in here! –Greasy Grove
  • Cuddle Team Founder –Tilted Towers
  • This is NOT a secret apocalypse bunker –Chrome Crossroads
  • This plot is sponsored by No Sweat Insurance –House South to Tilted Towers
  • Take a Femur, Leave a Femur –Grim Gables Graveyard

As you can see from the Goofy Gravestones one-liners most of them are Fortnite references. Players are having fun going around exploring these Goofy Gravestones.

“Didn’t thank the Bus Driver” is the most relatable and funny Goofy Gravestone reference. This is the best easter egg to go well with the spooky Fortnitemares update.

NOTE: You can walk to the Goofy Gravestones and press E to interact with the gravestones. Also, they do not give you XP or any special weapons and items.

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