Synapse X Download Roblox Script Executor Latest 2023

Download Synapse X Exploit 100% Free for Roblox.

Synapse X is a 100% free Roblox script executor that works as an engine to inject exploiting script. It is a powerful script executor tool that executes all Roblox scripts easily. When you download Synapse X you get Dark Dex, ESP, Stream Sniper, Remote Spy, Script Dumper, Teleport, Speed, Fly, Infinite Jump, and everything in one package.

Synapse X for Roblox is a compelling, convenient, and easy-to-use scripting engine. Due to our hi-tech slua (‘Synapse Lua’) engine, Synapse X provides unmatched speed, stability, and adaptability with all the characters composed for it. We will be talking about the unique characteristics held by slua later on in this guide.

  • Developer: Synapse LLC
  • Version: 3.0
  • License: Free
  • File Size: 14 MB
  • Downloads: 1087
  • Requirements: Windows 10+ (64-bit)

Synapse X Cracked user interface is designed to make your experience better with powerful features. Its Execution Tab Controller enables you to quickly open multiple Roblox scripts at a time within the Synapse X UI. This Tab Controller also shows you a star when the script is edited in the editor.

Another benefit that Synapse X V3 executor download offers is its Quick Scripts. You can install any script within the scripts folder and it will automatically emerge within the user interface. You can then use the right-click to load it into the editor or execute the Roblox script.

You can also configure multiple settings in the Synapse X download using the Synapse X Option Tab.

Unlock Roblox FPS

Just like Roblox FPS Unlocker the Synapse X cracked also has FPS unlocking option. You can boost the framerate from 60 to 120/144/240 Hz monitors. It will make the Roblox look much cleaner and can easily support higher frame rates.


AutoAttach and AutoLaunch are two distinct choices that serve a similar purpose of streamlining the attachment process for you.

With AutoAttach, Synapse X is exclusively attached when you initiate the UI. This option is straightforward and tends to perform optimally on certain machines. However, in comparison to AutoAttach, AutoLaunch offers a range of benefits outlined below.

In contrast to the AutoAttach feature, AutoLaunch takes a different approach by substituting the standard launcher with a custom one created by Synapse X free.

How to Download & Install Synapse X V3 Roblox Script Exploitor?

Officially you need to buy Synapse X Cracked, after which you will receive a serial key in your email. Only then you can download the Synapse X client through, https //, or and when downloading gets finished, extract the zip file from there.

To download and install Synapse X on Windows PCs follow the steps below.

Whitelisting from Anti-Virus Software

Synapse X is built on a codes that causes most antivirus software to raise false alarms. So you need to either turn them off or whitelist this tool.

  • First, from the Start menu, go to the Windows Security.
  • Click on the Virus & Threat Protection tab.
  • Click on the Manage Settings.
  • Go down to the Add or Remove exclusions.
  • Finally, click on the Add an Exclusion folder, and select the directory that was extracted from the zip file earlier.
  • Whitelisting of the Synapse X folder from Windows Defender is successfully done. 

Creating a Synapse X Account via Login

Now run the Synapse X.exe from your installation folder and accept the terms & conditions.

After a loading screen, you will see the Synapse X login page. If you don’t have an account then click on the register button.

Use your valid email ID, password, and username to complete this process. Then you will receive a synapse x serial key in your registered email ID.

Installation of Synapse X V3 can take a few moments, depending on your internet connection.

Alternatives to Synapse X That Are Effective

Here are a few dependable alternatives to Synapse X:

KRNL among Roblox cheaters enjoys significant popularity. It currently stands as one of the most reliable Roblox exploits available. KRNL’s reputation has rapidly grown due to its enduring performance.

Fluxus is a robust Roblox executor, empowering users with advanced scripting capabilities. It’s favored for its features and reliability in exploiting the Roblox platform.

JJsploit is a tool for Roblox that lets you do special things in games. It’s popular for changing the game in fun ways.

What to Do Unable To Download Synapse X

Sometimes, people can’t download Synapse X for various reasons. If the download is blocked, it might be because antivirus software sees it as harmful. Turning off the antivirus could help.

If the link doesn’t work, your internet provider or modem might be stopping it. Changing modem settings or using a VPN might fix it. Some antivirus programs, like Bitdefender, can also block the download.

If Chrome says it’s dangerous, adjust Chrome settings. Common blockers like Windows Defender, Norton, Bitdefender, Avast, and McAfee should be turned off.

Synapse X FAQs:

Is it safe to use Synapse X?

Yes. Synapse X script for Roblox is completely safe. Antivirus software is likely to misinterpret it for a virus but it is safe from viruses.

Is Synapse X Windows 7 compatible?


Is Synapse X a Virus?

No, this script executor uses techniques that most anti-malware tool considers as a threat but it won’t harm your PC. We have tested it on Windows 11 PC and it’s completely safe.

Why is Synapse X crash in the middle of the game?

It’s because some scripts use too much RAM and cause games to crash while playing. For example, the fly script uses too much memory and can break the game. Some scripts can’t work well for a long time.

Does it work With the Windows Store version of the game?

It won’t function with the game from the Windows Store because it was designed for the website version of the game engine, not the Windows Store version.

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