Is It Safe To Use Valorant Store Checker Without Opening the Game?

So you are waiting for specific skin to return to the in-game shop!

Valorant Store Checker is a third-party website not associated with Riot Games. As the Riot games constantly add new skins via Night Market keeping tabs when you aren’t playing Valorant is quite difficult.

Valorant Store checker uses the Riot Games’ API to find the available in-game store items without opening the games. If you want to see personalized items in the shop then log into using your username and password.

Giving log-in detail to the third-party app can be risky so users can use their own discretion when submitting the information.

We also recommend our users always enable two-factor authentication if they want to use Valorant Store Checker.

How To Check the VALORANT Item Shop Using The Store Checker?

Normally, players can easily check valorant item shops by launching the game. In case you don’t have access then is the alternate way to find out what’s currently available in the shop.

To use Valorant Store Checker

  • Head to
  • Click on Home to view the current bundle that is available in the store
  • Click on the Daily Store for that you have to put in your login details.
  • View what skins are available for your account as part of the daily rotation.

As this site collects players’ account information we strongly recommend you use two-factor authentication. It will help you safely use Valorant Store Checker.

How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

To enable 2FA you’ll need to:

  • Sign into your account on Riot’s official website.
  • Head over to your account settings and find the “Sign-In and Security” tab
  • Choose two-factor authentication
  • Click on “Resend email
  • Open the email you received from Riot and click on the “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” button
  • Complete the 2FA procedures

Is Valorant Store Checker Safe?

To use the valorant store checker player needs to give his/her account details which doesn’t seem legit. This is why users are debating safety.

One set of users claims that once a user login the account, he/she can easily inspect the login details using the browser’s developer tool. So, the developers have direct access to players’ credentials and they might sell info when they want.

On the other hand, some users experience no such suspicion of data stealing after using their store checker for over a month. Plus these users don’t see any reason to steal useless Valorant account info as it’s impossible to do when users have verified their email.