All God of War Ragnarok Cheats & Secrets For PS4 & PS5

Are there any cheats for GoW: Ragnarok?

Are you wondering if there are any God of War Ragnarok cheat codes for PS4/PS5? The game itself is challenging even if you play it on the easiest difficulty settings. That’s why many players are looking for cheats to unlock achievements, skills weapons, and trophies.

So are there any GoW Ragnarok cheats? The simple answer is No. However, there are some accessibility options and secret tricks to regain health & rage quickly. Using these Ragnarok cheats secrets you can even Block The Unblockable attacks of your enemies.

In this article, we have explained how you can use all the cheats and secrets in God of War Ragnarok and make your gameplay easier.

All God of War Ragnarok Cheats (Accessibility Options)

Santa Monica Studio has added many options to make your game earlier. If you consider these options as a cheat then here is the God of War Ragnarok cheat list.

You can access Accessibility Options in the game settings.

  • Increase puzzle timing.
    • This gives players more time to solve puzzles and is especially helpful when trying to tackle the time-based Nornir Chest challenges.
  • Aim assist and lock-on.
    • It will make you set aim at the target easier. No need to be accurate with the right analog stick.
  • Auto pickup.
    • Enable this option to pick items automatically. No need to press O to pick up every last bit of loot.
  • Stun grab enemies.
    • It will make Kratos automatically grab enemies when they are stunned. This option is handy when you are dealing with multiple enemies at a time.
  • Reduce camera sway and camera shake.
    • Lessen distractions by disabling camera sway and camera shake.
  • Hold buttons instead of repeatedly pressing them.
    • This makes it much easier to pass button-mashing challenges. Simply hold the button instead.

All God of War Ragnarok Secret Tips and Tricks

Three secret tricks will be handy in the game.

How To Regain Karatos Health and Rage Instantly

Certain boss fights like Berserker, Vanadis, and Heimdall are quite difficult so there might not be enough health and rage.

Luckily there’s a secret way to instantly restore health and rage.

Just visit any Mystic Gateway and interact with the door without traveling anywhere. It will restore your Health and Rage to full allowing you to face the enemy again.

How To Block The Unblockable Enemies Attack (Red Circle)

As you may already know in GoW Ragnarok there are different types of attacks.

  1. Normal Attacks are displayed with a Yellow circle. You can easily parry them.
  2. Attacks that you can interrupt using the shield bash are displayed Blue circle.
  3. The unblockable attacks are shown in the Red circle.

But there is a way to even block the unblockable attacks. All you need is to learn Spartan Rage “Valor” ability to get a burst of health in exchange for Rage.

However, you need to use that ability at the right time when the attack lands. Once you deflect the attack you will a healing boost.

How To Get More XP in GoW Ragnarok?

There is a simple hack that you can use to get more XP. All you need is not to press R3 to perform your finisher move while fighting bosses.

Instead, keep repeating one of your skills. Once you hit 15 or more hits you will get an XP reward.

Is there any God of War Ragnarok Cheat Mode?

As this game is console console-exclusive game you can’t use Mods trainer to cheat in the game. Cheat mods are a PC thing so unless the developer releases Ragnarok’s PC version you can’t use them.