Reshade 4.7.0 Download For Sims4, GTA 5

Looking for an older version of Reshade 4.7.0 download! Reshade old versions are often considered more stable and compatible with games like Roblox, Minecraft, GTA V, and RDR2.

The ReShade 4.7.0 download is still officially available. However, it is quite difficult to find as the link is hidden and normal users can’t find it. For your ease, we have provided the official Reshade 4.7.0 old version download. You can download the same tool as you can find on the official website. We don’t modify any downloads.

  • Developer: ReShade
  • Version: 4.7.0
  • License: Free
  • File Size: 2.61 MB
  • Updated: June 26, 2020
  • Requirements: Windows 11, 10, 7 64-bit.

Reshade 4.7.0 is an open-source tool for gamers to enhance graphics in Sim4, Dove 2.0, QuantV, GTA V, and Roblox. It enhances the gaming experience by correcting game colors and graphics.

ReShade 4.7.0 Shader download supports all of Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11, Direct3D 12, and OpenGL. and Vulkan. To download Reshade a computer with Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, or 11 and .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher installed is required. You can also download the Reshade 5.8.0 Latest Version.

Changes in ReShade 4.7.0 Download

Here are some noticeable updates and improvements which came with this version:

  • Improved depth buffer detection in several D3D10, D3D11, and D3D12 games (like Bioshock Infinite, Subnautica, and Titanfall 2)
  • Added hidden option to add new search path without opening directory selection dialog (press Alt key)
  • Added device and driver information to log for all APIs
  • Added global settings to force window mode and swap chain resolution in D3D[APP] ForceVSync=1 ForceWindowed=1 ForceResolution=800,600 Force10BitFormat=1
  • Fixed depth buffer being overwritten in some D3D9 games before it can be used in ReShade
  • Fixed mouse cursor stuck in the center of the screen in some applications (like Detroit: Become Human)
  • Fixed keyboard state getting stuck in some applications while the menu is open
  • Fixed first effect in the list sometimes not receiving depth buffer
  • Fixed support for Civilization VI (because of missing ID3D12Device6 implementation)
  • Fixed crash in Vulkan games using “vkCreateRenderPass2” (like Hammerting)
  • Fixed crash when DXGI 1.2 is used on systems where render GPU is not attached to the output display (e.g. laptops)
  • Fixed crash if input object is destroyed in a separate thread while a message is processed
  • Fixed calls to “IDXGISwapChain3::ResizeBuffers1” always failing with “DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL” (like in Hitman 2)
  • Fixed screenshots in Vulkan sometimes not capturing effects
  • Fixed red and blue color channels being swapped in D3D9 screenshots when back buffer format is 10-bit
  • Fixed mouse button state being reset every frame
  • Fixed uniform offset calculation for matrix arrays
  • Fixed SPIR-V code generation for uniform matrices
  • Fixed SPIR-V code generation for specialization constant arrays
  • Fixed half-pixel offset fix not being applied to struct output variables in HLSL code generation
  • Fixed font atlas texture being destroyed while still in use in D3D12 and Vulkan
  • Fixed incorrect handling of XBUTTON mouse events
  • Fixed crash when parsing vendor and device ID in OpenGL running under Remote Desktop
  • Removed memory copy of the log and instead read it back from the file when the “Log” tab is opened (to reduce RAM usage)

Where Can I Download Reshade 4.7.0?

Although we recommend you download the ReShade 5.8.0 Latest Version. However, if the latest version is not working on your game then try downloading the old Reshade 4.7.0 version from our site.

We have the official untouched download copy of Reshade’s old version for you to easily install.

How To Install Reshade 4.7.0?

  1. First download and run the old version available here.
  2. Follow the instructions to install ReShade for a game of your choice.
  3. Launch the game and use Home to access the in-game ReShade GUI.

How To Add a New Reshade Preset?

First of all, adding a game, adding a preset, and adding a screenshot are three separate tasks.

When adding a preset, the first thing you should do is look at the game list, and see if the game you want to add a preset to is already listed. If it is, click on it, and go to the “Adding a Preset” section

1. Adding a Game

If the game already is on the list, there’s no need to add it a second time

If the game is not already on the list, you first need to add it to the list. Click on the “Add a game to the list” button at the bottom of the list.

To add a new game, the only thing you need to fill in is the game’s title.

The SweetFX Notes field can be used to note any special tricks that is needed to get SweetFX to run with this game or any other general SweetFX note related to this game.

Preset configuration is NOT added in this step!

2. Adding a Preset

Now that the game is in the list, you can select that, and press “Add a preset

You can then input the preset name, which SweetFX version it’s for, and the settings text!

Clicking save on that will send you to the newly created preset, and you can finally start adding screenshots!

3. Add a Screenshot

When you’re on a preset you created, you have a button called “Add new screenshot”!

Clicking that will lead you to a form where you can select the image to upload, what state SweetFX is in that image, and if you want, a description and comparison image.

If you add a comparison image, it should be as similar as the other image, but with SweetFX turned off. The images will be overlaid each other, and the user can easily switch from one to the other

How to Uninstall ReShade 4.7.0?

If you have installed the Reshade Roblox shader installer to play these games i.e. GTA V, Sims 4, cyberpunk, Skyrim, Roblox, RDR 2. Then follow these solutions to uninstall Reshade.

The β€œDo it for me / I don’t wanna read” solution:

Delete the entire game folder and re-download the game. No, just uninstalling the game will not work.

If you don’t wanna re-download the game and still don’t wanna read” solution:

Go to the game’s executable folder and delete any of the following files you see:

  • D3D8.DLL
  • D3D9.DLL
  • D3D10.DLL
  • D3D11.DLL

Then delete these additional files:

  • D3D9.INI
  • D3D10.INI
  • D3D11.INI
  • Along with the reshade-shaders folder

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