Reshade 5.9.2 Download [Latest Version] For Sims4, GTAV, FFIV, Roblox, & Minecraft

ReShade 5.9.2 is a powerful post-processing tool designed to enhance the graphics and visual effects of various video games on Windows PCs, including popular titles like The Sims 4, Roblox, Cyberpunk 2077, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA 5, and more.

By injecting custom shaders into a gameโ€™s rendering pipeline, ReShade shader alters how graphics are processed before being displayed, resulting in improvements to aspects such as color filters, lighting, shadows, depth of field, and more.

  • Devs: Reshade
  • Version: 5.9.2
  • License: Free
  • File Size: 3 MB
  • Updated: Aug 27, 2023
  • Requirements: Windows 11/10 PC

While ReShade 5.9.2 download offers a wide range of capabilities, some users have noted a steep learning curve and potential performance impacts on their games.

ReShade vs GShade

On the other hand, an alternative to ReShade called GShade has gained popularity for being lighter, faster, and smoother. GShade is often considered more user-friendly and comes pre-loaded with a variety of reading presets. Despite an earlier false rumor about malware, GShade is generally regarded as safe to use.

How to Set Up ReShade for Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)

Setting up ReShade for a specific game, such as Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), involves a few steps:

  1. Download the ReShade setup executable, such as โ€œReShade_Setup_5.9.2.exe.โ€
  2. Locate the gameโ€™s executable file (e.g., โ€œffxiv_dx11.exeโ€) in the gameโ€™s installation folder when prompted during the ReShade installation process.
  3. Choose the appropriate rendering API option, such as DirectX 10/11/12.
  4. Select desired effects to install during the setup process.
  5. Launch the game, press the Home button to access the in-game ReShade menu, and adjust settings to customize the visual effects.

How to Download & Install ReShade 5.9.2

Downloading & installing ReShade is a very short and easy process. Hereโ€™s how you can get it done in no time:

Step 1: Go to the top of this page to download the setup of ReShade and launch the โ€œReShade_Setup_5.9.2.exeโ€.

Step 3: In the new windows, select your desired game or application by clicking Browse and then click Next.

Step 4: In the next window select the rendering API for the game/application and click Next. This should begin the installation process.

Note: If youโ€™re unsure about the rendering API your game employs then use Google to find out. DO NOT TRY TO GUESS.

Step 5: Select all the effect packages by pressing the Uncheck all button twice and then click Next. This will start the download for these effects and then install ReShade.

How To Add a New Reshade Preset?

First of all, adding a game, adding a preset, and adding a screenshot are three separate tasks.

When adding a preset, the first thing you should do is look at the game list, and see if the game you want to add a preset to is already listed. If it is, click on it, and go to the โ€œAdding a Presetโ€ section

1. Adding a Game

If the game already is on the list, thereโ€™s no need to add it a second time

If the game is not already on the list, you first need to add it to the list. Click on the โ€œAdd a game to the listโ€ button at the bottom of the list.

To add a new game, the only thing you need to fill in is the gameโ€™s title.

The SweetFX Notes field can be used to note any special tricks that is needed to get SweetFX to run with this game or any other general SweetFX note related to this game.

Preset configuration is NOT added in this step!

2. Adding a Preset

Now that the game is in the list, you can select that, and press โ€œAdd a presetโ€œ

You can then input the preset name, which SweetFX version itโ€™s for, and the settings text!

Clicking save on that will send you to the newly created preset, and you can finally start adding screenshots!

3. Add a Screenshot

When youโ€™re on a preset you created, you have a button called โ€œAdd new screenshotโ€!

Clicking that will lead you to a form where you can select the image to upload, what state SweetFX is in that image, and if you want, a description and comparison image.

If you add a comparison image, it should be as similar as the other image, but with SweetFX turned off. The images will be overlaid each other, and the user can easily switch from one to the other

How To Uninstall Reshade 5.9.2

To uninstall ReShade from a game, there are several solutions:

  1. Delete the entire game folder and then re-download the game.
  2. Delete specific DLL and INI files associated with ReShade, including the reshade-shaders folder.
  3. Use the ReShade setupโ€™s built-in uninstaller.

How to Fix ReShade Cinematic DOF Not Working

Some troubleshooting tips include fixing ReShadeโ€™s Cinematic Depth of Field (DoF) effect by adjusting a configuration setting and resolving compilation errors by ensuring you have the latest version of ReShade and have selected all the necessary effects during installation.

How to Open Up ReShade Menu

ReShade can be opened in-game by pressing the Home menu hotkey, allowing users to enable/disable shaders, adjust effects, and more. While ReShade is generally safe to use, caution is advised when installing Reshade presets from unknown sources to avoid potential malware.

In conclusion, ReShade 5.9.2 is a versatile tool that can significantly enhance the visual experience of various video games, and its setup and usage can be facilitated by following the steps outlined above.

How to Download Reshade Roblox?

We have thoroughly covered this topic si read it here Download Roblox Shaders: How To Install And Use Shaders Presets On PC/Mobile

Popular Old Reshade Versions To Download

Old VersionRelease DateSizeDownload
Reshade 5.9.1Aug 14, 20233.2 MBFree Download
Reshade 5.8.0April 08, 20233.12 MBFree Download
Reshade 5.5.2Dec 13, 20223 MBFree Download
Reshade 5.5.1Nov 28, 20223.07 MBFree Download
Reshade 5.5.0Feb 05, 20223.07 MBFree Download
Reshade 5.1.0April 09, 20223.03 MBFree Download
Reshade 5.0.2Feb 06, 20223.04 MBFree Download
ReShade 4.9.1Jan 10, 20212.89 MBFree Download
Reshade 4.9.0Jan 04, 20212.89 MBFree Download
Reshade 4.8.2Nov 03, 20202.79 MBFree Download
Reshade 4.8.1Oct 30, 20202.80 MBFree Download
Reshade 4.7.0Jun 26, 20202.61 MBFree Download
Reshade 4.2.1March 11, 20192.39 MBFree Download
Reshade 4.1.1Jan 28, 20192.19 MBFree Download
ReShade 4.0.0Nov 19, 20184.41 MBFree Download
Reshade 3.4.1Aug 12, 20183.79 MBFree Download
Reshade 3.0.8July 19, 20174.01 MBFree Download
ReShade Framework v1.1.0f1Oct 31, 201622.77 MBFree Download
ReShade 1.1.0 + SweetFX 2.0Oct 31, 20161.33 MBFree Download

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