How to Fight Efficiently in Dark and Darker (A Beginner Guide)

This is how you fight, doge, and refill health in this game.

Dark and Darker is an online multiplayer game where you fight players with different skills. Players can use different classes i.e. Fighters, Roug, Wizard with skills that you need to face.

Luckily, this game has introduced a playstyle that is nearer to real life. There are also multiple factors that you will face during the gameplay like abilities, perks, and weapons. So the playstyle matters a lot in this game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to fight in Dark and Darker.

How to Fight Efficiently in Dark and Darker

Use the following techniques to fight enemies more easily.

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Following These Two Dark and Darker Metas

You can follow two Meta to dodge the swings which are not related to quick turning your player. That is crouch spamming and jump spamming. This is basically the fighting technique which is like swinging the sword halfway up in the air and halfway to the ground to dodge the attack.

But don’t crouch while in this situation because you can get hit by the enemies on the head. So one of the best mid-fight techniques is jumping and spamming as you are stabbing opponents. If you collide with the barbarian and when he swings his axe you can use the crouch and move backward to avoid the attack.  

Objects and Movement

You can also utilize the map’s structure and objects to your advantage while fighting with the enemies. You can climb up on small objects like grills and boxes to use the height advantage which will give a more clear view of the enemy head. You will be able to fight him more easily.

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You can also use the pillars and walls to your advantage. If your opponent is right handed you can use the pillar to avoid his attacks and you can give him damage. Like when you do an attack you can easily hit him but his attack won’t affect you because he will automatically hit the pillar.


Movement is the key part of this game. If your opponent does a slash and stab you can do quickly do a left or right moment quickly to doge his attack.  

You can also use two weapons for which you can select the rogue class. Because Rogue uses Calisto knives which give you the advantage to do the attack from left or right. Just be careful of the position around.

movement speed in dark and darker


Like in this image, the enemy throws the knife at me but you can quickly do a flick to avoid the attack. When the opponent comes to stab you from the right side you need to close the distance and move to the left side to save yourself from the attack.

Use Boost up Fountain

You will see multiple fountains which will give you a boost for a short period of time but it can be very helpful during the situation of rush. These fountains will be for health, physical damage, protection, and speed.

use boost up fountain

Speed up HP

So the speed matters a lot in this game. The faster you are the harder for the enemies to hit you, especially for casual gamers. So you need the build which focuses more on the build. You can equip the armor which less weight.

Use Shield

Shields give extra defense power. But it will be beneficial when you use them right? Especially for the players who use to attack legs and feet.

use shield in dark and darker

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