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Fixed: Division 2 Crashing or Freezing on PC

solved division 2 keep crashing

Dealing with Division 2 crashing…… You can fix it easily.

Lately, players are reporting that while playing Division 2 suddenly crashes or freeze. Sometimes it freezes after a few seconds on startup.

Those who have recently updated Division 2 or installed the latest game patch they are also dealing with division 2 crashing on the loading screen.

It’s a very annoying problem that thousands of Div 2 players are reporting but it can easily be fixed.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

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Causes of Division 2 Keep Crashing or Freezing

The most common causes that trigger crashing or freezing are,

Today the major cause of modern game crashing is CPU overheating. You should regularly check CPU temperature on Windows 10 PC so that you can maintain normal CPU temp while gaming. You can use plenty of third-party CPU temp monitoring software for this purpose.

Another probable reason why you are experiencing crashes in Division 2 might be because your computer is unable to cope with the performance requirements of Division 2. Ensure that your PC meets the system requirements needed in order to play Division 2, if not then you will need a PC upgrade.

If you are not sure on which system to get then a prebuilt PC with Nvidia RTX 3080 would be your best bet for playing this game without any hassle. This is because RTX 3080 is a powerhouse of a graphics card and can play Division 2 seamlessly without any crashes or freezes.”

Tip – Run the Division 2 from the game launcher instead desktop shortcut if it keeps crashing. It has helped many users but doesn’t press alt+tab while running, Ubisoft games don’t like it.

How To Fix Division 2 Crashing on Windows PC

Here’s a list of tested and verified solutions that have helped many users. Just work your way down the list until you fic the right solution to fix Div 2 keep crashing problem.

Fix 1. Set the Affinity of AntiEasyCheat to One Core

The most common reason for Division 2 crashing could be the EasyAntiCheat. Many users have fixed this problem by following these steps:

Running AntiEasyCheat with just one CPU core seems to fix Division gameplay crashing. Restart your PC and check if it solved your problem.

Fix 2. Verify Your Game Files On Steam

Sometimes games files on steam get corrupted that’s why your games keep crashing. To fix this issue, you need to verify the game files. Here is how to do it:

Wait patiently when Steam is verifying the game files. Once it’s completed, click Close.

You can apply the same steps on Uplay and Epic Game Launcher. Now Restart Division 2 to check if the crashing or freezing problem is solved.

Fix 3. Set the Size of Your Page File to System Managed

The insufficient RAM also causes PC game crashing problems on Windows 10. To fix it follow these steps,

Press Windows + I > System > About > Advanced System Settings

Restart the game and check if the Division 2 crashing problem constantly appearing.

Fix 4. Run Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter

It’s a built-in Windows utility that mainly checks and fixes programs incompatibility problems. Especially if you are running Division 2 with DirectX 12 then compatibility problems may arise.

Apply these steps,

  1. Go to the Folder where you have installed the Division 2. Right-click on the file Division.exe and select Properties.

Fix 5. Disabled Steam Overlay and Ubisoft Overlay

The Division 2 crashing problem might be arising because you have enabled Ubisoft Overlay.

This feature interferes with the important components of the game resultantly causing crashes.

To stop this problem disable Ubisoft or Steam Overlay.

Now check if this problem persists.

Fix 6. Update Graphics Card and If Required Lower In-Game Graphics Settings

Outdated or corrupted graphics cards are the major cause of game crashes on Windows PC. Update them using the third-party driver updater tools. You can find the list of best driver updater software here, to begin with.

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You can also try lowing in-game graphics settings to see if you can resolve the game crash issue. Here is how to do it:

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