Best Starfield Pistols Weapon Tier List (Ranked)

Pistols are the resourceful weapon in the Starfield that is helpful in both short-range and medium-range combat. Pistols (Handguns) have a fairly high rate of fire and are best at taking down enemies instantly.

While venturing into the expanse of the universe in the Starfield, the right weapon for the right one is crucial in determining victory or defeat. Here in this guide, we have the best Starfield Pistols tier list that will help you pick the best handgun for your close fights.

What is The Best Pistols in Starfield

Overall the Va’Ruun Starshard pistol is the best sidearm weapon in the Starfield. it’s the top-notch choice among all the pistols in the game. it packs the most powerful punch with its base damage, making it hit harder than any other pistol out there.

Va’Ruun Starshard pistol is the best sidearm weapon in the Starfield

Va’Ruun Starshard is really good at hitting the target accurately from a decent distance of 30 meters. You can also upgrade it by adding different mods making it more versatile and useful.

So, why is it the best? Because it combines being super strong, really good at aiming and having lots of ways to make it even cooler. It’s the ultimate pistol for your Starfield adventures.

Best Pistols in Starfield Tier List (Handgun Weapon)

Here’s a Starfield tier list, classifying the top-notch handguns.

  • S Tier: Va’Ruun Starshard
  • A Tier: Magshot, Urban Eagle
  • B Tier: Razorback, Kraken
  • C Tier: Old Earth Pistol

S Tier – Va’Ruun Starshard

The Va’Ruun Starshard is a real powerhouse when it comes to dealing with damage. It packs a punch with a base of 26 ballistic damage and an additional 80 laser damage per shot.

What makes it truly special is that it doesn’t rely on just one type of ammunition. It combines both ballistic and energy sources to dish out the hurt. Plus, it’s like a canvas for mods, boasting a whopping seven slots for customization, so you can make it your own in a big way.

  • Damage: 26 + 80
  • Type: Ballistic + Laser
  • Fire Rate: 12
  • Accuracy: 70.1%
  • Range: 30
  • Mods: 7

A Tier – Magshot

The Magshot pistol in Starfield is a real speedster when it comes to taking down enemies. While it might not have the longest reach or the most precise aim, with a range of 20 meters and an accuracy of 62.8%, these stats can be boosted quite easily with mods.

Magshot pistol in Starfield is a real speedster

Whether you want to up the damage, increase the magazine size, or tweak other aspects, the Magshot is like a blank canvas ready to be tailored to your unique playstyle. It’s a versatile companion that can adapt to suit your every need.

  • Damage: 64
  • Type: Ballistic
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Accuracy: 62.8%
  • Range: 20
  • Mods: 6

B Tier – Urban Eagle

The Urban Eagle pistol is super cool because it has seven slots where you can make it even better, and it starts off pretty good too. It shoots 25 rounds in a minute and can accuracy of about 68% of the time, which is good for making sure you hit what you aim at.

Urban Eagle pistol is super cool because it has seven slots

The best part is that you can make it your own by adding different things to it. You can make it stealth with a suppressor for sneaky stuff, make it shoot farther with a long barrel, or make it hit really hard with penetrator rounds. It’s like having a bunch of options to make it the perfect pistol for you.

  • Damage: 43
  • Type: Ballistic
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Accuracy: 67.7%
  • Range: 20
  • Mods: 7

B Tier – Razorback

The Razorback pistol usually shoots 12 times in a minute, but how fast you can shoot again depends on how quickly you can reload it. Accuracy is about how close your shots hit the target, and guns with lower accuracy spread their shots more.

Razorback pistol usually shoots 12 times in a minute

You can change how fast it shoots and how accurate it is by adding special ammo and magazine mods. So, try different mods on the Razorback pistol to make it match how you like to play.

  • Damage: 61
  • Type: Ballistic
  • Fire Rate: 12
  • Accuracy: 67.1%
  • Range: 40
  • Mods: 8

B Tier – Kraken

The Kraken is a type of pistol you can find in Starfield. It’s just a regular pistol that works well for fights at medium range. It’s pretty accurate, which means it’s good at hitting what you aim at, but it doesn’t shoot super fast, and it can’t hit things very far away.

The Kraken isn’t too heavy, and you can make it even better by adding up to 6 different weapon mods to it.

If you want to add Kraken to your inventory, open the Starfield console command window and enter the following:

player.additem 0021FEB4

  • Damage: 16
  • Type: Ballistic
  • Fire Rate: 150
  • Accuracy: 69.60%
  • Range: 20
  • Mods: 6

C Tier – Sir Livingstone’s Pistol (Old Earth Pistol)

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is an amazing weapon to get when you’re just starting your adventure in the Starfield. It’s a unique version of the Old Earth Pistol, and it’s great because it deals a lot of damage.

C Tier – Sir Livingstone’s Pistol (Old Earth Pistol)

What’s even cooler is that it already comes with two upgrades – a big magazine and high-speed bullets, making it even more powerful right from the start.

  • Damage: 28
  • Magazine Capacity: 15
  • Rate of Fire: 67
  • Mod Slots: 4
  • Mass: 1.8