Evil West: A Man of People

After the fight with Felicity Jesse found himself in the church because he got knocked out by Felicity’s punch. After you wake you talk to Pop he told you about some of the Rentier Agents who stayed there for a while. The Pop (Reverend Stravinsky) tells Jesse that one of his people left his explosive weapon (Explosive Bundles) maybe this will be of good use to him. Jesse asks Pop to get all the people in the church and hold them in here for a while and ask him to pray.

explosive bundles

Destroy Monster Nest:

This is a village place where thunder is storming. Go to the right house get the money if you want then move to the right side and pass through the bridge by crawling. There you will face some enemies. Defeat them and move forward. Move right from the bridge you will face three more enemies. Defeat them and enter the house and destroy the enemy nest. After that destroy the TNT in front of the house and get the money from the chest. Beside the bridge, you will find the (Gray Oaks Resident Letter).

Gray Oaks Resident Letter

To the right side, you will see a way to cave. Destroy TNT and go inside to defeat the enemy. You will receive the perk points, Extra Crispy, Sticky Sticks, and Amp Snack.  Destroy the nest inside the cave by using the bomb. Get out of the cave by climbing and you will see the second (Gray Oaks Resident Letter). Open the chest and get the money and Ghost Revolver (New Skin). Get out and defeat more enemies.

Cross Sign Nest:

Go to the left side by jumping where you see multiple crosses. There you have multiple enemies. After Defeating them destroy the Enemy’s Nest.

Cross Sign Nest

In House Nest:

Move to the left side and cross the big Axle rotated by the water flow. Follow the way in between the house there you will see a blocked house. Break the door and get the (7-year-old kid Drawing) from the right side of the table. Go down and destroy the next enemy nest in the same house also get the money from the chest. Climb up the stairs in the same house you will see a chest in the storage space. Open the chest and get the money and (Work-Life Balance) Perk. Get out of the house and follow the path straight to reach the next Nest. Defeat some enemies there and destroy the nest.

In house nest

Go to the final mark and destroy the last nest. You also have to defeat some enemies there.

Go back to the church:

After Destroying all of the Nests go back to the church by following the Bell of the church. When you reach the church you have to defeat the enemies including the big ones like Dracula and the Shielded enemies. This will take some time to defeat them.


After Defeating the enemies Jesse talks to the Pop in the church and asks for the telegram report.

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