Evil West: A Son’s Duty Walkthrough

Jesse reaches back to Calico Town where Jesse came to know that his father killed Vergil (While they are working together) because the virus took him over. Emilia takes the blame on her because she could have known William better. Now Jesse is going to hunt his Father.


So this is the train station place where they are breeding the bats to transfer the blood to take over the city according to Chester. This is the place where Jesse’s Father is. Get into that place after crossing the track you will be surrounded by enemies. After defeating them you will receive (Blood and Thunder, Very Very Frightening, and Enhanced Combo Perks).

enhanced commando perk

Depot Building:

Now you need to go somewhere higher. Now go to the left and climb up to the train cabin. Move the train cabin to make your way to the next train. Go down and turn on the switch to use the machine which will bring down the cabin and make the way for you. After you cross the rail track you have to defeat multiple enemies. After defeating them move forward. The tracks are broken so you need to be careful. Go to the right side by jumping and the left through the train cabin. A little far you will find the workshop. Upgrade your weapons and perks if you want.

lightning tornado ugrade

Find William Rentier:

Then go inside the station where you have to fight with enemies. Move through the left side of the short path. To the left where you destroy the spider web, you will find (William Rentier’s Writings). Move forward in between the wooden cartons you will find a chest open the chest to get (Ghost Zapper) which is the new skin. Move forward by burning the webs to clear your path and then climb up using the chain.


Rotate the Rail Track:

You will use the first switch which will rotate the train it got blocked. Go to the water tank by using the chain to get the (ToolDown Perk). Now you need to turn on the next two switches. These two switches are opposite to each other. Move the train cabin to climb up and move in between tracks. When you turn on all the switches you need to go back to the first one. Turn on the switches it will rotate the track.

Now you search for William Rentier. After you cross the track you will attack by the enemies. Break the barricade and move inside and get the (William Rentier’s Writings) from the drum.

Fighting William Rentier

Now you need to find a way to the glamour. Climb up the cabin and reach the glamour area. Use the zapper to break it. Go to the building by crossing the tracks and climb up by using the chain. Clear your way by burning the webs and climbing the ladder. You will reach the Rentier. Where William asks you to join him. If Jesse won’t William will do by forcing him.

Defeat William Rentier:

William will use the gun to shoot at you. Then he will use a flash which will create some darkness and make him disappear and chase you. Then he will jump and smash the ground. He will also change his appearance and use fireballs on the ground which will chase you. Also, create a big splash on the ground after changing his appearance. He will also fly in the air and throw multiple fireballs one after another. And then create multiple duplicates and create a circle shoot the circles to bring him down. You just need to close the distance and give him damage. Dodge most of his attacks when the yellow circles appear shoot them to give him damage. After some time you will defeat him and kill him in the scene.

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