Evil West: How to Find Chester Morgan – The Questionable Cargo

This starts when your player (Jesse Rantler) set up a mine trap on the Rail track and blows up the train. Then you have a look at the situation.

Go beside the cliffs and be careful because the path can break and you can fall. Enter the cave and use the grappler to cross the path. You will see an explosion will happen and zombie enemies came out of the boss. Kill the enemy. You can see the health bar on the enemy head.

You will also see a guideline on how to perform combat. You will have some more enemies after that. Kill them and enter the train cabin.


You will some boxes on the left side of the train. Interact with the boxes and you will get the fragment.


Moving further you will see all of them died. Go to the cave under the rail track. Get the cash from the left side you will see more enemies will appear in the cave. Kill them (By using Hero Punch) and move forward. Go outside the cave by crawling and kill more enemies by using Uppercuts and Attacks.

Near By Objects:

Move further and cross the rail track by using the grappler. On the way take money from the track. Go and kill some more enemies by using a cannonball attack. In which you will toss and throw the enemy by a punch smash. You can also use this attack to hit enemies on nearby objects.

spike pillar

Next by grappling the tree and going down. Instantly a big enemy (The Jenu Giant) will appear by breaking the barricades. He will do a special attack you can interrupt the attack by pressing the R when you see the body of the enemy lighten up.

Jenu Giant

You will see more enemies and some giant enemies. Kill them and move forward till you reach the lake. Cross the by walking on the wood and reach the train cabin you will receive the revolver. Use the revolver to kill the enemy. Get out of the cabin by breaking the door. Besides that, you will see another train cabin vertically blocked by the coffins. Use the grappler to clear the path and move forward.

Use the stair to climb up and crawl under the cabin to enter the cave. Near the fire, you will see a path upward. Free the chain from the tree by using the grappler. Use the chain to climb up and enter the circular. Where multiple enemies will appear and Edgar asks you to join.

Carrion Husk Boss:

Β After killing them you will see a Boss Enemy come out of the train cabin.

Carrion husk boss

He will do multiple attacks like smash attacks. In this situation, he will smash his right foot on the ground and create a splash that will move forward which you can dodge. Next, he will do two smashes and one bigger smash by using his bot hand. Which will create three splashes. He will also attack by smashing both hands with each other. You can defeat this enemy very easily.  

Chester Morgan:

Next, you will enter the main cabin and interrogate and get the info about the Gathering which is in Belmont Ville.

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