Where to Find the Strix System in Starfield To Farm XP

How to farm XP in Starfield? Where to find the Strix System in Starfield? You may probably be wondering what the link between Strix System and XP farm is. Well, the far-off Strix System houses an excellent XP farm that you can use in Starfield to level up your traits.

In this guide, we’ve detailed the location of the Strix System in Starfield to help you maximize your XP farming experience.

Where to Find the Strix System in Starfield

You can locate the Strix system in Starfield on the far eastern side of the system map. Just a few systems away from the farthest eastern one in the game. It’s bordered by the Rana, Pyraas, and Fermi systems. Strix System is s level 70 star system

To reach Strix, you’ll need to make several jumps through different systems. For that, you should have previously visited every star along your path at least once

However, reaching this system may necessitate an upgrade to your Jump distance.

How to Upgrade Grav Jump Distance to Reach the Strix System

Reaching the Strix system requires a maximum 30LY jump distance on your Grav Drive, which can be achieved in two ways.

  1. Customize Your Ship: You can visit a Ship Services Technician and customize your ship to have a stronger Grav Drive.
  2. Astrodynamics Skill: Alternatively, you can enhance your Astrodynamics skill, which will improve jump distance and fuel consumption at various skill levels. This skill progression is visible in the provided image.

Strix System XP Farm – How To Get More Experience

To start, make your way to the Strix System. Once you’re there, specifically target Strix I, the planet nearest to the star within the system. Now, here’s the key: you need to find a landing area on Strix I that’s labeled as having the “Craters” terrain type. Look for this terrain-type information on the right side of your screen, right above the “Land” button.

When you successfully land in a “Craters” area on Strix I, you’ll notice that all around you are Flocking Nautiloos Filterers, peculiar floating alien creatures. These creatures are remarkably easy to defeat, and what’s even better is that they come in a wide range of levels, from as low as 1 to as high as 75. This means that you can earn a significant amount of XP with minimal effort.

As you start shooting down one Filterer, you’ll see the others slowly drifting toward you, making them prime targets. While they can inflict some damage if they get too close, it’s straightforward to maintain a safe distance and continue blasting them with your best weapons until they’re all eliminated, granting you a substantial XP reward.

Once you’ve dealt with one group, don’t stop there. Simply look around, and you’re likely to spot more Flocking Nautiloos Filterers in other areas, ready for your XP farming endeavors. In case you can’t find any or you’ve exhausted the Filterers at your initial landing spot, don’t worry; just take off and land in another “Craters” location, and you’ll be all set for what can feel like an almost never-ending XP farm. Happy farming!

All Strix System Planets and Moons

The Strix system has a total of six planets and nine moons, split into the following setup:

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  • Strix I
    • Strix I-A
  • Strix II
  • Strix III
    • Strix III-A
    • Strix III-B
    • Strix III-C
    • Strix III-D
  • Strix IV
    • Strix IV-A
  • Strix V
  • Strix VI
    • Strix VI-A
    • Strix VI-B
    • Strix VI-C