God of War Ragnarok: How to Defeat Hjalti the Stolid Boss

In God of War, there are a total of 15 Berserker bosses (mini-boss battle) that you have to face while progressing in-game. These mini Bosse appear from time to time in different situations in-game. You have to defeat them.

Some bosses will appear multiple times on different occasions and some for one time only where they were defeated and killed by Kratos.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Defeat Hjalti the Stolid Boss in God of War Ragnarok.

Hjalti the Stolid (Optional) Wiki

You will encounter this boss at multiple stages in God of War Ragnarok. This boss is capable of doing multiple attacks having two Morningstar (A spike maul weapon) and laced with armor.

Hjalti the Stolid (Optional) Wiki

Hjalti the Stolid Boss Location

Go to the middle of the desert where you will find the grave. Interact with the grave you will encounter the berserker. This will be available after completing the Secret of the Sands Favor.

Hjalti the Stolid Boss Location

How to Defeat Hjalti the Stolid Boss

Hjalti the Stolid Boss is one of the Bezerker. After interacting with the grave a mirror boundary will draw and this boss will appear. This boss will do multiple attacks.

The first one is the yellow attack in this attack she will swing his Morningstar two times to left and right and also do a different yellow attack like jumping and swinging the Morningstar fast forward to the Kratos. You can parry and block this attack.

How to Defeat Hjalti the Stolid Boss

The next one blue circle attack. This is the easy one because in this she will recharge her power bar. You can easily interrupt this attack by stunning her or by the Leviathan Axe. Do not let her complete this attack because once she charges up it will take a bit longer to defeat her. She will also do multiple red attacks. The first one she will do is wing both Morningstar together.  

The second she will do is fly in the air and charge up her Morningstar and shoots the lazer from both of them two times. The third red attack she will do is Smash the Morningstar on the ground. Red circles can’t be defended or parried. The best way to save yourself is to keep your distance and dodge the attacks. Because if you get caught it will give you a lot of damage. For the red attack, your timing should be perfect and you have to understand the attack pattern to save yourself.

How to Defeat Hjalti the Stolid Boss

Once you understand the attack patterns. You can defeat the Boss in time just make sure to counter small attacks and dodge heavy attacks. You can use different abilities to defeat the boss. Every weapon has its special ability make sure to use them to defeat the boss easily and in a short time.

Rewards Dropped for Beating Hjalti the Stolid

After Defeating the Hjalti the Stolid Boss you will get

  • Shattered Ruins (40)
  • Bonded Leather (40)
  • Tempered Remnants (3)
  • The grip of the Nine Realms (This is an attachment for the Leviathan Axe)

This is how you can defeat the Hjalti the Stolid Boss. We hope this guide will help you.

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