Starfield Lithium Farm Guide – Best Locations & How To Farm

If you’re playing Starfield and want to find a special material called Lithium, you’re in the right place. Lithium is a super important Exotic Tier 3 resource because you can use it to make cool weapon upgrades like the Large Battery and Tactical Battery.

You can find Lithium in different ways, like checking crates, looking at bad guys you defeat, or just finding it in caves you explore while traveling around in space.

But here’s the good part: you can actually be smarter about finding Lithium in the game. In this article, we’ll help you figure out where to find Lithium and how to get it using different tricks. So, if you want to power up your Starfield adventure with Lithium, keep reading!

Where to Find Lithium in Starfield to Farm

In Starfield, there are about 65 planets where you can find Lithium to collect. This means you’ve got lots of choices, depending on where you are in space.

Go to the planet that’s closest to you and is within your ship’s jump range. This way, you won’t have to use up a ton of fuel to get there, and you might not have to get into a big battle just to land on the planet’s surface.

Starfield Lithium Farm Locations

SystemPlanet + Moon
AlgorabAlgorab II, Algorab III-e
Alpha MaraeAlpha Marae III-d
Alpha TernionTernion VII
AndromasAndromas II
BaraBara VII-c, Bara VII-d
BardeenBardeen IV-a, Bardeen V-a
BelBel II
Beta TernionBeta Ternion I
CopernicusCopernicus V, Copernicus VII-b
Copernicus MinorCopernicus Minor I-a, Copernicus Minor I-b
Delta PavonisGamow
EridaniEridani VIII-d, Eridani VIII-c
FeynmanFeynman I
Gamma VulpesGamma Vulpes I
HawkingHawking VI-b
HeinleinHeinlein V-a, Heinlein VI-c
HeisenbergHeisenberg VI-b, Heisenberg VIII-a
HuygensHuygens VII-d
IxyllIxyll V, Ixyll IX-b
JaffaJaffa II
LeonisLeonis V
Luyten’s StarLuyten’s Rock
MaalMaal VI-a
MaheoMaheo IV-d
MolochMoloch II
MuphridMuphrid IV
NewtonNewton III
PorrimaPorrima II, Porrima III, Porrima V-a, Porrima VI
Proxima TernionProxima Ternion IV
PyraasPyraas VI-a, Pyraas VII-b
RanaRana VI-b
RutherfordRutherford III
SchrodingerSchrodinger VIII-e
SerpentisSerpentis II
ShozaShoza III
StrixStrix V
SyrmaSyrma VII-a
Tau CetiTau Ceti IIITau Ceti VIII-c
VerneVerne VII-b, Verne VII-e
Xi OphiuchiXi Ophiuchi VII-a
ZelaznyZelazny IV, Zelazny V, Zelazny VI
Zeta OphiuchiZeta Ophiuchi VI-e

How to Harvest Lithium in Starfield?

Harvesting Lithium in Starfield is a crucial part of your resource-gathering journey, and there are two methods to go about it:

1. Cutter: When you start playing the game, you’ll already have the first method at your disposal: the cutter. While you’re out exploring different planets, you can use a scanner to locate deposits of lithium or other valuable minerals. Once you find one, just point your laser cutter at the deposit and slowly cut through the mineral to collect it.

2. Outpost Mining Machinery: In Starfield, you have the option to set up an outpost for various purposes, including mining. To do this, you’ll need a location with lithium deposits, which you can pinpoint using your scanner. You’ll also need an extractor to mine the lithium, a power source to keep things running smoothly, a container to store all the resources you collect, and a crew assigned to manage the outpost. This method allows you to efficiently gather larger deposits of lithium for your interstellar adventures.

Can I Buy Lithium in Starfield

Are you more interested in following the game’s storyline and prefer to skip the resource-farming aspect while still acquiring lithium? In the Starfield universe, there are Shop vendors where you can purchase lithium.

Jemison MercantileNew Atlantis, Jemison
Mining LeagueNeon, Volii Alpha
Midtown MineralsAkila City, Akila

These shops typically have a steady supply of lithium for sale. Here are some places in the game where you can buy lithium:

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