Fastest Starfield Money Glitch + 72000 Credit: How To Get Infinite Credits (100% Working)

Need unlimited credits in Starfield to buy fancy ships, upgrade weapons, or space apartment. Exploring Starfield takes time which means earning in-game credits is slow. However, players have found a Starfield money glitch that allows players to get infinite money.

Before Bethsheda releases the patch to fix this issue you can use these glitches to get infinite unlimited money.

In this guide, we have explained two new methods that work like a charm and one old method to utilize Starfield Money Glitch.

How to Get Infinite Credits in Starfield (puddle that hides infinite credits)

You can obtain an infinite amount of credits in Starfield, which involves a location outside the Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City. The Akila planet is located in the Cheyenne star system so use Grav Jump to reach there.

Follow these steps:

  • Switch to the third-person view in the game.
  • Find and walk towards the Shepherd’s General Store.
  • Here you will see two puddles look for the smaller one as it is easy to identify.
  • Stand behind the smaller puddle, facing the storefront, and crouch.
  • Once you find a sweet spot you will be able to see items that Shepherd sells. There are thousands of credits, ship parts, weapons, and more.
  • Grab credits and gers that you can sell to the Emerson Shepherd vendor to earn more credits.
  • Once you’ve collected credits wait for 24 hours and his chest will refill.

Repeat this task as many times as you like until you have unlimited money in Starfield to buy fancy ship or space apartments.

Note: This Starfield money glitch is not considered as stealing so will not be arrested for in-game crime.

How To Use Starfield 72000 Credits Glitch

In the Starfield, you can get 72,000 credits at New Atlantis in Jemison by traveling to the Alpha Centauri star system. But before you go, make sure you have a Rescue Axe, dagger, or any melee weapon.

Once you’re there, head down the ramp and turn right into the cornermost room. To perform this Starfield infinite credit glitch, you need to follow specific steps to glitch through the wall and reach a crate with 72,000 Credits.

  1. When facing the particular door, follow these steps:
  2. Sprint forward, jump and press the block button at the same time to try to pass through the wall.
  3. To do this, press both the block and forward buttons simultaneously.
  4. It might take several tries and practice, but you need to land on a specific piece of land.
  5. Once you’ve successfully glitched through the wall, you’ll be teleported down.
  6. Then, go straight to find a crate with 72,000 Credits.

Remember, it might be a bit tricky, so keep trying until you get it right. Enjoy your credits!

How to Use Starfield’s Infinite Credit Glitch (Old Method)

To get infinite money in Starfield there was an old method, you can also try it if it works.

Step 1: Start by fast-traveling to Neon Core, a cyberpunk settlement on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. It’s west of Alpha Centauri.

Step 2: When you arrive, look for the Trade Authority building, which will be on your right. Use your boost pack to jump onto the yellow Trade Authority sign, then head to the ledge on your right.

Step 3: From this ledge, you need to reach a higher ledge slightly to your left. Wait for your boost pack to fully recharge, then use it to jump, making sure to aim for the highest point of your jump to reach the ledge.

Step 4: Make another big jump to your right, which will take you to a rooftop area.

Step 5: Follow the rooftop to your right, jumping over two high walls. Eventually, you’ll drop down to an area with a transparent ceiling. Stay slightly to the left to avoid falling through it. Also, use your boost just before landing to avoid injuries.

Step 6: Walk straight and drop off the ledge in front of you. You’ll find yourself beneath the entrance to Ryujin. Here, there are three chests you can access. The first one contains weapons and can be reached by carefully moving to the edge of the ledge. For the other two, drop down to the layer below, then use your boost to get directly beneath the chests. Hit the Transfer button when you’re close enough to loot them.

Step 7: You’ll collect around 10,000 Credits per run and additional Credits worth of gear. To return to the main map, you can either jump through the floor above you, drop down into the void below, or fast-travel back to Neon Core.

Step 8: Sell your items at the Trade Authority or Newell’s general store. Wait for about 48 in-game hours by sitting on a chair or bench, then repeat the process.

Note: You might need a boost pack with the Power Boost trait to perform this glitch effectively. You can buy one at Outland in the Commercial District of New Atlantis or mod a standard boost pack to have the Power Boost trait.