Where to Find & Recruit Heller in Starfield (Location)

Are you looking for Heller’s Location in Starfield? Do you want to recruit Heller as a companion? Doing so you will get Geology and Outpost Engineering skills that are crucial in the later part of the game. Once you’ve finished missions for the Constellation, there’s a quest called “Back to Vectera” that guides you to this spot.

It’s the same area where you initially found an important item when you began your Starfield journey. After you fix the comms computer and decode the emergency transmission from Barret, the mission objective will be updated.

Now you have to follow the tracks and find the miner who is also a constellation member. In this guide, we have explained the Starfield Heller Location and how you can find and recruit him.

Where To Find Heller’s Location in Starfield

In the game Starfield, players can search for Heller in the Valo system. However, it’s important to note that the planet where Barrett is located will be different each time you play. But you can find him on any planet or moon within the Valo System. This system is one of the closest ones to Narion, where you can find Vectera and the Argos Extractor Outpost.

After fixing the comms computer, you can have a chat with Lin outside the building. She will give you all the necessary updates and even allow you to recruit her right there if you want to.

Following this, the mission objective will change to the specific planet or moon you need to visit within the Valo system. These planets could be Virum, Prax, Golga, and others. To get there, just return to your spaceship and take off from Vectera. Once you’ve done that, you can travel directly to the planet mentioned in the Missions tab on your Starmap. Simply select the marker and activate the Grav Drive to go to the system.

Upon scanning the planet or moon, you’ll eventually come across the location of a crashed ship. After landing, follow the marker to discover Heller lying next to the ship, heavily medicated with painkillers in Starfield.

What is Heller’s Expertise?

Heller in Starfield doesn’t belong to any specific group or faction, and you can locate him in a place called “Shipwrecked.” The great thing is that you don’t need to pay anything to recruit him; Heller is more than willing to join your crew. His expertise covers various areas, with a particular focus on resource collection and outpost development, making him a valuable addition to your spacefaring team.

While there aren’t romantic options involving Heller in the game, his skills can significantly boost your efforts in exploring and managing outposts across the vast Starfield universe. Adding Heller to your crew can make your space exploration adventures easier and more productive. So, don’t hesitate to bring him on board for a smoother and more successful journey through the cosmos.

How to Recruit Heller in Starfield?

To recruit Heller in Starfield and make the most of his abilities, follow these steps:

Step 1: Initiate the “Back to Vectera” Mission Begin by progressing through the game’s storyline until you reach the “Back to Vectera” mission. This mission will be your starting point for recruiting Heller.

Step 2: Return to Vectera After accepting the “Back to Vectera” mission, head back to the Vectera location within the game. This is where your adventure continues.

Step 3: Decode the Distress Call While in Vectera, you’ll come across a distress call. Take the time to decode this call to reveal its message and origin. This will bring you closer to locating Heller.

Step 4: Follow the Distress Signal After successfully deciphering the distress call, follow its signal to trace it back to its source. This is the key to finding Heller within the game world.

Step 5: Encounter Heller As you follow the distress signal to its origin, you’ll eventually meet Heller. He will express his eagerness to join your crew and offer his services.

Step 6: Accept Heller’s Offer When Heller extends the invitation to join your crew, accept his offer to officially recruit him as a valuable member of your team.

Useful Heller’s Skills

Let’s take a closer look at Heller’s skills and how they can benefit your crew in Starfield:

Geology (Rank 1): Heller possesses the Geology skill at Rank 1. With this skill, you can collect a greater quantity of both common and uncommon inorganic resources from surface objects. This skill will prove invaluable in your resource acquisition efforts, making it easier to gather the materials you need for various tasks and upgrades.

Outpost Engineering (Rank 3): Heller excels in Outpost Engineering, holding a Rank 3 proficiency in this area. With his expertise, you gain the ability to conduct advanced research and construct cutting-edge Outpost Modules. This advantage will significantly benefit your crew when it comes to establishing and managing outposts throughout your spacefaring journey. These upgraded modules can provide various advantages, from improved resource production to enhanced defense capabilities.