Play Brimstone in Valorant: Explaining Abilities, Voice Lines, Tips

How to play brimstone in Valorant.

VALORANT has 20 agents in total and these 20 agents are divided into three different roles. The roles are based on the playstyle of these agents. Some agents are picked to dominate in the match by picking up the fight against the enemy agent while some agents are used to locate the enemy and help their teammates while other agents are used to locking down the site and they are called Controllers in VALORANT.

Brimstone is one of the best Controllers and one of the most fun-to-play agents in the game because of the set of abilities that he has can be used to get kills in very entertaining ways. The Sky Smokes of Brimstone is used to lock down the site or blind the enemy line of sight to pass through an area without being spotted.

All Abilities of Brimstone in Valorant

There is a total of four abilities of Brimstone and 1 of them is his Ultimate ability. We’ll go through all of the abilities and explain them to you.

1. Activate Stim Beacon Ability by Pressing C Key

Activate Stim Beacon Ability by Pressing C Key

By pressing the C key, Brimstone will instantly throw a disc on the ground that creates a field that will give the teammates a Rapid Fire boost and Movement Speed Boost.

The field effect stays for 12 seconds and it costs 200 Credits. It gives +10% Equip speed, +15% Fire rate, +10% Reload speed, +10% Recovery speed, +15% speed boost

2. Activate Incendiary Ability By Pressing B Key

Activate Incendiary Ability By Pressing B Key

By pressing the B key, Brimstone will equip an incendiary grenade launcher that can be shot in any direction. The incendiary grenade that comes out of the launcher will bounce 2 times on the impact and then it will explode which will create a fire zone on the ground.

The fire zone will give damage to the enemies as well as the teammates. The fire stays on the ground for 7 seconds and the incendiary ability costs 250 Credits.

3. Activate Sky Smoke Ability by Pressing E Key

Activate Sky Smoke Ability by Pressing E Key

By pressing the E key, Brimstone will equip a tactical map which will allow him to set location on the visible map for the sky smokes and by clicking the right-click mouse button, the locations will be confirmed and the smokes will come from the sky on those locations which are very helpful for blocking the enemies line of sight or holding a site.

There are three clouds of smoke in total that you can buy and each smoke will cost 100 Credits. Smoke duration is 19.25 seconds and you can easily make your play with the help of smokes.

4. Activate Orbital Strike Ability by Pressing X Key

4. Activate Orbital Strike Ability by Pressing X Key

By pressing the X key, Brimstone will equip a tactical map that will launch a laser Orbital Strike on the selected area on the map which will damage the enemies as well as the teammates if they are in the laser area.

The laser duration stays for 3 seconds and it hits the enemies 6.67 times in 1 second and each time they got hit, they lose 20hp. To get the Orbital Strike, you’ll be needing 7 Ultimate Points that can be obtained by killing enemies or by picking up the Ultimate Orbs. 

Best Brimstone Voice Lines in Valorant

Brimstone has 350+ voice lines in VALORANT and each one of them is activated on the respected action or moment in the game. The normal Voice Lines that you’ll hear In the game are the following.

Agent Selection

  • “They think I’m an old dog? Heh, I’ll show ’em just how many tricks I know.”

Stim Beacon

  • “Stim Beacon here.”
  • “Stim Beacon down.”


  • “Molly!”
  • “Toasted”

Sky Smoke

  • “Smokes down.”
  • “Launching smoke.”
  • “Fully smoked.”

Orbital Strike

  • “Open up the sky!”
  • “Prepare for hellfire!”
  • “Deep fried!”


  • “Ain’t my time!”

Tips to Play Brimstone Valorant

  • As Brimstone is a Controller Agent, the perfect way to play Brimstone is to play with your team and assist them by doing the smokes in the doorways and the entrances of both sides to prevent the enemy line sights.
  • If the enemy team is pushing towards a site, you can smoke the entrances to stop them from entering the site and buy time for your team to rotate to the site.
  • You can stop the enemies from planting the spike or defusing the spike by using your ultimate on the position of the spike. It’ll kill the enemies or move them away from the spike which can turn the round in your favor. 

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