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Fixed: Oculus Quest 2 Mic Not Working

Fixed Oculus Quest 2 Mic Not Working [2022]

If the Oculus Quest 2 mic not working in Steam VR, discord, or VRChat then we have the solution to fix this problem.

Users who are using Oculus Quest 2 with a Link cable on PC are facing mic not working. Oculus Quest 2 has a built-in Microphones system that helps you enjoy party chats while playing games on PC.

Sometimes the Oculus Quest Mic becomes a serious problem when it stopped working. Don’t worry, after reading this post you will be able to test your Oculus Quest 2 mic and if they aren’t working run troubleshooting to get them back up and running

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

Use Driver Easy to update all the missing & outdated device drivers on PC for free.

Run Oculus Quest 2 Microphone Test

If you have recently purchased Oculus Quest 2 then run a test to see if Microphones are working. Follow these steps:

You will see a blue bar going up and down while wearing Quest 2. Try to speak if the bar is moving it mean your mic is detected and working properly.

How Do We Fixed Oculus Quest 2 Mic Not Working

How To Fix Oculus Quest 2 Mic Not Working

If you are having troubles with the mic not working then apply the below fixes to solve this issue.

Fix 1. Hard Reboot Oculus Quest 2

Start with the simplest thing which is to reboot hardware that is causing issues. For that:

Fix 2. Unplug and replug your headset

Another simplest trick that helped many users is to unplug and then replug the headset. To apply this fix you need to run a Windows voice recorder and then follow these steps:

If the Oculus Quest 2 mic not working issue persists then keep the Voice Recorder running.

Unplug the cable from your headset, Replug it back in, enable Oculus Link on Quest 2, and start your game.

Fix 3. Reinstall Oculus App

If non of the above fix works for you then the main Oculus app might be the culprit. Try to reinstall the Quest 2 application from their official site.

Make sure you are running the latest updated Quest 2 software.

Fix 4. Update Audio Drivers

Make sure that your PC’s audio drivers are fully up to date. In case you are running old drivers, you will see Mic, not working issues while using the Oculus Quest.

Apart from the audio driver, you should also check that the USB and graphics drivers are also updated. To update graphics card drivers you can follow either Manual or Automatic methods.

We prefer you to adopt automatic methods as it takes less time and users’ PC skills. All you need is to download Driver Easy which is the No.1 driver updater tool for Windows PC.

Install and run this tool. It will automatically scan and update all the drivers by installing the latest compatible version from the manufacturer’s site.

Fix 5. Allow Access To Your Microphone

First, make sure that you haven’t accidentally muted PC or Quest 2. After that check whether Windows has granted permission to the app to access its microphone.

Here are the steps to follow:

Fix 6. Adjust Sound Settings

Due to wrong sound settings, you may be dealing with the Oculus Quest 2 mic not working problem.

You need to check the audio input and output for your Oculus Quest. Follow these steps:

After that, you need to check the audio input and output for your PC. Follow these steps:

Fix 7. Using Third-Party VR Software

If you have installed third-party VR software on your PC then you need to make sure that Oculus Virtual Audio Device is also set as your audio input and output source.

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