Where To Find The Lodge In Starfield (Location)

Getting familiar with The Lodge in Starfield is a wise move because you’ll find yourself returning here repeatedly. It’s a hub with all the essential facilities you’ll require, and committing its layout to memory will undoubtedly aid in your seamless progress through the game.

In this guide, we have explained where to find Lodge in Starfield. In case you have forgotten your room location in the lodge we have also given a roadmap.

How to Get to the Lodge in Starfield (Location)

  1. Begin at the Map Screen: Your journey starts at the Map Screen, where you’ll plan your adventure.
  2. Select the Alpha Centauri System: On the map, locate the Alpha Centauri System and set your course for the planet Jemison.
  3. Journey to New Atlantis: Upon your arrival on Jemison, make your way to the vibrant city of New Atlantis.
  4. Enter the Spaceport: As you approach the city, head to the Spaceport, which serves as a hub for interstellar travelers.
  5. Pass Through Security: At the Spaceport entrance, you’ll encounter a security checkpoint; simply pass through it to continue your quest.
  6. Find the New Atlantis Transit Tram Car (NAT): After crossing the checkpoint, navigate toward the right side to locate the New Atlantis Transit Tram Car (NAT).
  7. Select ‘MAST District’: Once you’re close to the tram car, a pop-up menu will appear. Choose the ‘MAST District‘ option to set your destination.
  8. Arrival at MAST District: The tram will transport you to the MAST district. Upon disembarking, ascend the ramp to reach the district’s pinnacle.
  9. Locate the Grand Building: Search for a grand building distinguished by large gold doors and encircled by a metal fence.
  10. Unlock the Gate: If it’s your first time visiting, use your watch to unlock the gate and gain access to the grand building.
  11. Unlock Fast Travel: After completing this journey for the first time, you’ll unlock the location, allowing for convenient fast travel in the future.

Now, armed with these instructions, you’ll be well-prepared to discover The Lodge, a hidden gem within the Starfield universe.

How to Find Your Room in The Lodge

To find your room in The Lodge, follow these steps:

  1. Start at the entrance of The Lodge.
  2. Ascend the stairs to the right.
  3. Take the 3rd door on your right, taking you into the hallway.
  4. Go to the end of the hallway and turn left.
  5. Take the second door on your left to enter your room.

What Can Be Found in the Lodge?

The Lodge serves as the dwelling place for members of the Constellation, as long as they’re not your companion or part of your ship’s crew. If you’ve unlocked all five main companions, you can expect to encounter the following individuals at The Lodge:

In addition to these primary characters, The Lodge is also bustling with side characters, including familiar faces like Matteo Khatri, Walter Stroud, and Vladimir Sall (unless he’s currently at the Eye).

Facilities Available at The Lodge

At The Lodge, you’ll discover lots of cool stuff to use, like spacesuits, workbenches for making things, a lab for research, and even a place to cook. It’s like a treasure trove of useful things!

You’ll also come across some missions that take place here. These missions include The Empty Nest, High Price To Pay, and All That Money Can Buy. So, there’s more than just cool stuff to explore.