All Sanji Skills in One Piece Odyssey (Skill Guide)

Explaining all Sanji battle, skills, equipment, and trophies stats.

Sanji is a playable stylish character in One Piece Odyssey. Sanji is the cook of Straw Hat Pirates and also the master of foot skills. Sanji has a dream to find the legendary sea of All Blue. Sanji has Power ATK Type.

In One Piece Odyssey Each and Every character has skills and skills have two types. Battle Skills and Field Skills.

In this guide, we have explained Sanji’s Skills stats, battle skills, and equipment in One Piece Odyssey.

Sanji Character’s Stats


All Sanji Battle Skills and Stats

These are all battle skills of Sanji. These skills can be used in battles with bosses and other enemies. Below is a list of skills withΒ required Tension Points (TP).

Battle SkillTP NeededATK TypeDescriptionRange
Mouton Shoot18 TPPowerSanji will stand on his left leg and then do a smashing kick at the enemy.Close Range
Basses CΓ΄te40 TPPowerIn this skill, Sanji will Jumps and kick the enemy’s shoulder.Close Range
Veau Shot50 TPPowerZoro will use three swords that create a tornadoLong Range
Concasser67 TPPowerZoro will swing the swords like a windmill and then uses the sword to slashClose Range
Party Table Kick Course85 TPPowerThe sword is instantly drawn to slice through the targetClose Range
Premiere Hache110 TPPower FlameZoro will use the second sword to attack.Long Range
Flambage Shot80 TPPower FlameZoro will do an attack with the sword that will create smoke.Close Range

All Sanji Field Skills

Skill NameSkill Usage/Description
KickThis skill helps Sanji destroy real-world objects like wooden boxes and jars. You will get the materials and items by destroying the objects.
Cook’s NoseThere are a lot of ingredients hidden behind the walls and objects. This skill will help Sanji to find hidden ingredients.

Sanji Unlocks These Trophies and Achievements

TrophyHow to Unlock
Cook’s NoseCollect 25 items with Cook’s Nose.
Cube Collector: ZoroCollect 40 Sanji’s cube fragments.

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