All Usopp Abilities & Skills in One Piece Odyssey (Character Guide)

Explaining all Usopp battle, skills, equipment, and trophies stats.

Usopp is a playable character with the Catapult in One Piece Odyssey. Usopp is a Straw Hat pirate shooting master. Usopp’s aim is to become a Brave Sea Warrior. Usopp has a Speed ATK Type.

Like every character, Usopp Also have skills which also include both Battle skills and Field skills.

In this guide, we have explained Usopp Skills stats, battle skills, and equipment in One Piece Odyssey.

Usopp Character’s Stats


All Usopp Battle Skills and Stats

These are all the battle skills of Usopp. These skills can be used in battles with bosses and other enemies. Below is a list of skills with required Tension Points (TP).

Battle SkillTP NeededATK TypeDescriptionRange
Exploding Star10 TPSpeed BurnUsopp will shoot an exploding pellet from the Catapult. It will burn the target upon hitting.Long Range
Usopp’s Rubber Band of Doom35 TPSpeedThis skill will faint the target and they will be easier to hit.Close Range
Usopp’s Hammer45 TPSpeed BurnThrough this skill, Usopp will strike the weak point of the enemy.Close Range
Exploding Star70 TPNoneUsopp will shoot a pellet which will burn the target.Close Range
Smoke Star50 TPSpeed BurnUsopp will shoot a pellet which will surround the enemy with smoke.Long Range
Usopp Pound60 TPSpeedUsopp will summons a black hammer and smash the enemy.Close Range
Sun Flower Star65 TPSpeed BurnIt is a special attack and it will explode the enemy.Long Range
Golden Pound120 TPSpeedUsopp will summons a big hammer and smash the enemy.Close Range
Firebird Star120 TPSpeed BurnFirebird Star is a special attack in which Usopp will use Catapult and shoot a bird shape fire.Long Range
usopp smoke star skill

All Usopp Field Skills

These are all the Usopp Field Skills. These skills can be used while exploration in the game.

Skill NameSkill Usage/Description
ShootThis skill allows the Usopp to shoot the target with his catapult. This will include both short-range and long-range targets.
MakeThis skill allows Usopp to create the trick balls. These trick balls will be very helpful during the battle.

Usopp Unlocks These Trophies and Achievements

TrophyHow to Unlock
Usopp SlingshotUse Usopp’s Shot 100 times.
Cube Collector: UsoppCollect 40 Usopp’s cube fragments.

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