Best Ship Services Technician Locations in Starfield

Finding the Ship Services Technician locations in Starfield is handy if you want to build a ship or upgrade the existing one. Ship Vendor locations aka Ship Services Technicians are NPCs whom you can interact with and ask to upgrade your ships.

Locating the Ship Service Technician is hard and once you do find them they will cost you a ton of credit. So you need to first make money fast or use the money glitch in Starfield.

In this guide, we have all the best Ship Services Technician locations in Starfield.

Every Ship Services Technician in Starfield (Ship Vendor)

In total, there are 15 Ship Services Technicians in Starfield. They can be found at each of the following locations:

  1. New Atlantis – Jemison, Aplha Centauri System
  2. Akila City – Akila, Cheyenne System
  3. Neon – Volii Alpha, Volii System
  4. Ryujin Industries
  5. The Eleos Retreat – Ixyll II, Ixyll System
  6. The Key – Kryx System
  7. Stroud-Eklund Staryard – Narion System
  8. Cydonia – Mars, Sol System
  9. Gagarin Landing – Gagarin, Alpha Centauri System
  10. Hopetown – Polvo, Valo System
  11. Paradiso – Porima II, Porima System
  12. Red Mile – Porima III, Porima System
  13. The Den
  14. Deimos Staryard – Deimos, Sol System
  15. New Homestead – Titan, Sol System

1. New Atlantis Ship Services Technician

The first technician is pretty easy to spot. You’ll find them near the first off-ramp as soon as you leave your ship in New Atlantis. They usually lean against the Trade Authority kiosk in a rather sassy way and have a good variety of parts to offer.

2. Akila City Ship Services Technician

Finding the second technician is a bit trickier but not too tough. After you arrive at Akila City, start walking toward the front gate, but don’t enter it just yet.

Instead, look to your right, and you’ll spot a small building right next to the front gate with a sign that says “Ship Services” above the door.

Go inside, and you’ll find a technician who looks remarkably similar, working on whatever they usually do.

3. Neon Ship Services Technician

Upon landing in Neon City, you’ll need to take the elevator to reach the landing pad above. There, you’ll spot the Ship Services building. Inside, you’ll discover the vendor you’re looking for stationed at a desk.

4. Ryujin Industries Ship Services Technician

Interestingly, Ryujin Industries boasts its own Ship Services Technician. To access this unique service, land at Neon and ride the central elevator to Neon Core.

Once you’re there, make your way to the Ryujin Industries building and use their elevator to reach the Taiyo Astroneering floor.

Here, you can have a chat with Veronica Young at the showroom, where you’ll have the opportunity to acquire some Taiyo Astroneering ship parts.

5. The Eleos Retreat Ship Services Technician

The Eleos Retreat offers its own Ship Services Technician. To find them, make your way to the Ixyll system and touch down on the planet Ixyll II, using the Eleos Retreat landing zone.

Once you arrive at the spaceport, you’ll spot the Eleos Retreat Technician in a small building, ready to assist you.

6. The Key Ship Services Technician

The Crimson Fleet has their very own Ship Services Technician named Jazz. However, her availability depends on your choices during the Crimson Fleet mission line, and you may lose her.

If you’ve successfully completed the mission Deep Cover and haven’t lost her, you can locate her aboard The Key in the Wolf system.

Once inside, head to the left into the Cargo Bay, where you’ll find her shop on the left side of the bay.

7. Stroud-Eklund Ship Services Technician

This particular Ship Services Technician might take a bit of searching, but they’re there if you look carefully.

To find them, make your way to the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the Narion system, near the moon Dalvik.

Once you arrive, you’ll notice a man sitting inside a cubicle by the name of Havershaw. He’s the Technician for the staryard.

8. Cydonia Ship Services Technician

In Cydonia, players will discover a Ship Service Technician right by the airlock in the game. You’ll encounter this vendor just outside the airlock, and you can reach them by heading up the stairs to Ship Services.

9. Gagarin Landing Ship Services Technician

This particular Technician can be quite elusive, especially since you might not have a reason to visit this planet otherwise.

To locate them, land at the Gagarin Landing spaceport on Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system. You’ll encounter this Technician just before entering the town itself.

10. Hopetown Ship Services Technician

The Hopetown Technician practically stands out and is hard to miss. When you touch down in Hopetown (located in the Valo system on the planet of Polvo).

You’ll spot the Ship Services Technician right at the entrance, easily identifiable by their distinctive orange suit, which sets them apart from their colleagues.

11. Paradiso Ship Services Technician

To locate the Ship Vendor on Porima II in Starfield, follow these steps: After landing, head to the right when you see the word “Paradiso” written on a building. You’ll discover the Ship Vendor situated next to some containers.

12. Red Mile Ship Services Technician

The Red Mile Technician has a bit of an unconventional name compared to what you might expect. When you arrive in Red Mile (located on the Porrima III planet in the Porrima system), proceed through the airlock.

You won’t have to search for long because you’ll immediately come across the Ship Services office.

Once inside, look for Lon Anderssen, who serves as the Ship Services Technician. You’ll recognize him by his somewhat weathered appearance.

13. The Den Ship Services Technician

It turns out that even one of the best places to sell your contraband has its own Technician.

To locate this Technician, simply head straight as you enter The Den, which is situated within the Wolf system orbiting the planet of Chthonia.

You won’t miss him; they’ve even set him up with his own pillar – quite thoughtful!

14. Deimos Ship Services Technician

This particular Technician has a name that differs from the usual Ship Services Technician.

You’ll find them by heading to Deimos, the moon of Mars in the Sol system, and landing at the nearby Deimos Shipyard.

As you make your way through the station, head down to the lower floor where you’ll come across Nikau Henderson, who will be standing there ready and waiting to assist you.

15. New Homestead Ship Services Technician

Our last Technician can be spotted tending to his duties near one of the Trade Authority kiosks.

To locate him, journey to Titan, the moon of Saturn, nestled within the Sol system.

Once you’ve landed at the New Homestead landing zone, you’ll easily spot him standing close to the Trade Authority kiosk.

Which Ship Services Technicians Offer Specialized Parts?

Some Ship Services Technicians specialize in offering parts specific to certain brands, making them an excellent choice if you’re interested in exploring a company’s catalog of parts. Here’s a list of Technicians with these unique inventories:

  • Ryujin Industries Technician – Offers Taiyo ship parts.
  • Stroud-Eklund Technician – Provides exotic parts.
  • Hopetown Technician – Sells HopeTech ship parts.
  • Red Mile Technician – Offers shielded Cargo Holds (designed for contraband storage).
  • Deimos Technician – Provides Deimos ship parts.
  • New Homestead Technician – Offers Nova Galactic ship parts.