How to complete Beast Tamer Mooji Bounty Hunt in One Piece Odyssey

Beast Tamer Mooji is a bounty hunt that you need to find. You will meet an NPC at the location where you need to talk to him. After a heated argument, your battle will begin and you need to defeat him in order to complete the bounty.

In this guide, we will discuss How to complete Beast Tamer Mooji Bounty Hunt in One Piece Odyssey.

Beast Tamer Mooji Location

You need to reach the Ravine of No Return Entrance which is located in the Desert near Nanohana. You will reach outside the cave. Follow the straight path and you will reach an open area where the statue is located. Go to the right side and follow the path toward the right side.

beast tamer mooji location

You will reach an area where you will see three paths. You need to go into the center one and then follow the path. You will reach a cave on the right side where you will encounter an enemy. You need to defeat them and move forward.

You need to follow the path and you will encounter more enemies.  Defeat them and move forward. This is a zigzag path and by following the path you will reach the NPC (Beast Tamer Mooji).

beast tamer mooji

Interact and accept the quest. You will get into a heated argument in which Tamer Mooji will challenge you to defeat him.

How to Defeat Beast Tamer Mooji

After talking to him your battle will begin. Along with Beast Tamer Mooji, you will also battle with Rock Pandas. First, select the Robin and use her Treinta Fleurs Flip skill. This ability will give them a lot of damage.

defeat beast tamer mooji

In return, the Beast Tamer Mooji will use Spirit strike in which he will smash the baseball on Robin. Next, select Nami and use the Thunderbolt Tempo skill. She will smash the stick on the ground which will create a splash and give the enemies a lot of damage. Then use the Mirage Tempo skill to finish the battle.

After that Pandas will be left select Sanji Character and use the Mouton Shoot. This ability will defeat them. Beast Tamer Mooji is not a heavy enemy it will take you three to four moves to defeat him.

Bounty Rewards

After defeating them you will get these rewards.

  • Money (7950)
  • Beast Tamer Mooji Record Cube (1)
  • Rock Panda’s Record Cube (1)
  • EXP (390)

You will also get the 38000 bounty prize.

beast tamer mooji bounty prize

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