How To Download, Install and Use OptiFine in Minecraft?

Optifine is the best Minecraft mod that not only increases performance, and improves graphics but also lets you use shader packs. Unlike other apps, it is not easy to download and install Optifine for Minecraft.

Most Minecraft mods use .jar format, Optifine also downloads in that format which requires a proper way to install.

In this article, we have a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Optifine in Minecraft. At the end, we have also explained how you can use Optifine to enhance performance and graphics.

How To Download OptiFine in Minecraft?

Follow these steps to download the latest version of Optifine.

Step 1. Go to the OptiFine Download Page

Visit the official Optifine Download page to get the latest version. On top you can see the latest version however, you can also access Optifine’s older version by clicking the ‘Show all versions’ link.

Whatever version you pick the download and its use are the same.

download Optifine latset version

Step 2. Download OptiFine for Minecraft

If you are new to this Minecraft mod then you might click on the Download button that will open up an advertisement page with the message “The content below is an advertisement. After the count-down, click Skip to begin your Optifine download.”

So we advise you to click on the “Mirror” link to the right of this version and download Optifine. It will only take 6.7 MB of disk space.

download Optifine Without Ads

How To Install OptiFine for Minecraft?

Now that you have downloaded the Optifine it’s time to install it on your PC. So follow these steps.

Step 1. Open The OptiFine Installer

Now locate when you have downloaded Optifine and open up the OptiFine Installer by double-clicking on it.

Install Optifine Using Java

In case it won’t open then right-click it and click ‘Open with’. Then, select ‘Java (™) Platform SE Binary’ and click ‘Okay’.

Can’t open Optifine Installer it’s because you don’t have Java on your PC. Her ewe have a complete guide on how to download Java and install it.

Step 2: Install OptiFine with the Installer

now that the OptiFine Installer is open, you can select the default storage path or change it. from here on it’s super easy to install OptiFine for Minecraft. Click the ‘Install’ button, and the mod will start installing.

Successfully installed Optifine for Minecraft

How to Use OptiFine in Minecraft?

Now the primary use of Optifine is to decrease lag and increase FPS in Minecraft. Plus this mod also adds custom settings in Minecraft. To use this mod follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select OptiFine Profile in The Minecraft Launcher

Now open the Minecraft Launcher and click on the little up arrow next to the PLAY button appearing on the bottom left. Click that Optifine version and hit ‘PLAY’.

How to Use Optifine in Minecraft?

Step 2: Confirm That You Want to Play Modified Minecraft Version

Now a pop-up window will appear telling you that the Minecraft Jva edition is modified. Simply click on the green “PLAY” button in the bottom right. You have installed the Optifine in Minecraft successfully.

How To Add OptiFine To The Minecraft Launcher

If you have installed Optifine but you can see it appearing in the Minecraft Launcher then don’t worry. Follow these steps to add it to your launcher.

Simply click on the Installation Tab on the top and you will see Optifine installer in the list. Select Play to launch OptiFine.

How To Add OptiFine To The Minecraft Launcher

In case the Optifine installer doesn’t appear in the Installation tab then click on the New Installation button. You will see a new window. Here enter the name as Optifine, and select the version from the drop-down box.

Now click on the Create button at the bottom right of the screen and play Minecraft with Optifine.

Add Optifine Using New Installation Method

Step 3. Launch Minecraft

Once you get past Mojand Screen, click on Options > Video Settings and check if shaders and animation options are added to it. If they are it means that you have successfully installed Optifine.

Check if Optifine is running with Minecraft

How to install Optifine on Tlauncher??

If you have successfully installed Optifine then it should automatically appear in drop-down menu. Simply select it and press Enter the game button.

How to install Optifine on Tlauncher

In case it won’t appear then follow see steps to install Optifine in TLIauncher.

  • Press the TLMods button, which is next to the TLauncher files button, and select the mods button.
  • Search for Optifine in the search bar, then download it.

If you start it up and it says the version is wrong then go back to the download but this time click on the optifine mod itself, click on versions, and download the latest version, then keep going down on the versions until it finally launches Minecraft the game with no problems.

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