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Solved: Logitech Gaming Software not Opening or Detecting Windows 10

Solved Logitech Gaming Software not opening

Logitech gaming software not opening? Logitech gaming software not detecting? Here’s a Solution!

Logitech Gaming Software not opening because either its process is already running or the Windows firewall preventing it from running. In some cases, it won’t open because it lacks administrative access.

If this tool doesn’t work or you can’t install or run it properly then we have found the solution.

How to Fix Logitech Gaming Software Not Opening on Windows 10 PC?

Solution 1: Restart the Logitech Process in Task Manager

A clean shutdown and restarting of the process can solve this issue. Usually, the Logitech gaming software is meant to start with Windows.

When you open this tool again it tricks the Windows into thinking that it’s already open when it isn’t.

Follow these steps below.

Now check to see if it has fixed the Logitech gaming software won’t open problem. If the software still not working then try to disable it from Startup.

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Solution 2: Clean Reinstall Logitech Gaming Software

If you perform a clean reinstall it can fix the problem. Most of the time when users uninstall the program it left traces that hinder the program. So follow these steps:

Solution 3: Allow Logitech Gaming Software in Windows Firewall

Another reason Logitech Gaming Software does not open on Windows 10 is the Windows firewall won’t let it run. The Windows defender firewall protects your PC from malware.

So if you give permissions in the firewall this problem will be resolved.

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Solution 4: Run Logitech Gaming Software as an Administrator

Some software needs administrative access to fully utilize its features. If you provide administrative permission you can easily fix Logitech Gaming Software’s not opening issue.

Follow these steps:

Solution 5. Run This Program in Compatibility Mode

You will face Logitech Gaming Software not opening an issue if the software or the Windows 10 is incompatible with each other. So if you run this program in compatibility mode you can fix the “not working” problem. Follow these steps:

Solution 6: Run SFC and DISM Scan

Over time Windows files get corrupted hence preventing apps from running properly. If Logitech gaming software not open on Windows 10 then it might be a corrupted file. Running SFC and DISM tools (Built-in Windows 10 feature) detect and repair corrupted/damaged files

Now restart your PC and check if the Logitech gaming software is working properly.

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Solution 7: Devices Having 3.0 USB Port

If your device has a USB 3.0 port and you are using G933, G930. Then to fix Logitech gaming software, not opening problem unplug these devices, start the program and again plug these devices back in.

Solution 8: Perform a Clean boot

First, use these troubleshooting steps to Uninstall Logitech Gaming Software then reinstall. It will require a clean boot in Windows 10:

To perform a clean boot in Windows 10:

Once you are done troubleshooting restore your system. Follow these steps:

Logitech Gaming Software – FAQ

Logitech Gaming Framework Won’t Launch on Startup

If Logitech Gaming Software not launching on startup especially when you have set it to “run as administrator”. Then simply uncheck the run as administrator and open the program.

Logitech Gaming Software not detecting headset

If the Logitech headset not showing up in gaming software then you can first update the program and then navigate to the software file path. Usually, it’s C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software. Find LCore right-click > Properties > Compatibility tab > Check run this as an administrator.

Logitech Gaming Software not detecting g502

If Logitech Gaming Software not detecting g502, g13, or g703. The common problem is USB port Outdated software or outdated Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Try different USB port 3.0 works. Update Universal Serial Bus Controller via Device Manager in Windows 10.

Logitech Gaming Software not compatible with windows 10

Sometimes when you install LGS and run it the pop-up says Not Compatible in Windows 10. You can apply solution 5 mentioned above. Or download the latest LGS version. This error also occurs when you download the x86 version and then change it to 64-bit. It takes a few seconds to reload the Download button with the correct link. If you just wait a few seconds before clicking ‘Download’ after you change OS or architecture (32/64 bits) you won’t see this error.

Logitech Gaming Software not installing windows 10

If you can’t install or the installation is stuck then either your Windows 10 is outdated or you aren’t installing the right version of the software. If you are also seeing 0x80070057 then update windows and get the 64-bit tool for 64-bit OS.

Logitech Gaming Software not saving settings

If you are using a mouse keyboard, headset and their settings keep resetting or reverts. Try to run the program as an administrator or go to the AppData > local > Logitech folder. Find LCore.exe right click on it to open properties then on the bottom uncheck “Read-only”. Click Apply then OK.

Logitech Gaming Software crashes windows 10

If LGS randomly crashes on launch then open Task Manager > startup > Disable LGS >Restart your PC. If this program keeps crashing on a PC that has Discord then closing the Logitech integration with discord stops it from crashing.

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