Fix PS4 Error CE-32809-2 Can’t Start Application Error

Does an error occur while launching the game on PlayStation4? Apply these fixes.

Does PS4 Error CE-32809-2 occur when you tried to launch a game or app? This PS4 error can affect both digitally purchased games and physical media (disks).

When you run a game or application a blue screen error will occur telling you that you Cannot Start the Application. (CE-32809-2).

The common cause that triggers this PlayStation4 error includes PS4 being unable to verify the recently purchased digital license or game files got corrupted.

Apply the below fixes explained in this article to resolve PS4 Error CE-32809-2 once and for all.

How to Fix PS4 Error CE-32809-2

If the content isn’t recognized and games failed to launch. Then try the following fixes:

Tip:- Try to launch the game using the account that was originally used to purchase a license.

Fix 1. Reinstall the game

If this PS4 error occurs on one specific game upon launch. Highlight it and press the Options button, then select Delete. Now Reinstall the game on your console.

Fix 2. Restart the PS4 Console

Simply restarting the PS4 console proves to be very useful for fixing PS4 Error CE-32809-2. So you should also try it.

To restart PS4 follow these steps;

  • Press and hold the PS button on your controller
  • From the Power Options menu select Restart PS4

Once PS4 Turns on after the restart, launch the game or app to see it have fixed the PlayStation4 error.

Fix 3. Power Cycling your Console

Sometimes unexpected system interruption or a bad update creates corrupted temporary data. If after simple restarting the console doesn’t fix the issue then perform a power-cycling procedure on the PS4 console.

Here’s how to do it;

  • Make sure that the PS4 console is completely Turned off and not in the hibernation mode.
  • Press and hold on the Power button until the fans shut down.
  • During that process, the console will make 2 short beep sounds. When you hear the second beep, release the Power button immediately.
  • After that, unplug the power cable from the power outlet. Wait for some time (about 30 seconds) to run out of the remained power in the console and then plug the cable back.
  • Now, turn on the console as usual and launch the console to see if the error ce-32809-2 is solved.

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Fix 4. Configure the Console as the Primary

If you have purchased digital media then the PS4 console may suspect that you don’t have the right to play the game or application.

You can fix it by activating the device as the primary PS4. Here’s how:

  • From the Main Screen click on Settings.
  • Select Account Management.
  • Choose to select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

If the console is already activated, please deactivate it and then activate it again.

Fix 5. Update PS4 Game to Fix Error CE-32809-2 PS4

There may be a pending update for a game or application that you have installed on your PS4. If that’s the case then make sure to update the game file.

For that;

  • Go to PS4 Liberary and choose that game that is causing error.
  • Using the PS4 controller choose Options and click on Check for Update.

If the PS4 found any update it will install it.

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Fix 6. Restore App License

If the cannot start the application error CE-32809-2 shows up when you run digitally purchased media.

Then the problem revolves around the License try to recover the licenses of your PS4 console and fix the PS4 CE-32809-2 error.

  • Open Settings.
  • Press the X key from the controller to choose Account Management.
  • Select Restore License.
  • After confirming the prompt, wait patiently until the operation ends.
  • Now Restart your PS4 console to see to the problem is resolved.

Fix 7. Rebuilding the Database

Your console hard disk failure, storage media corruption, accidental data deletion, PS4 system software installation or update failure trigger PS4 error. You need to rebuild the data to fix the corrupted PS4 database.

  • Press the PS button from the controller to open the Power Options and then choose Turn Off PS4 option.
  • Press and hold the Power button until you hear 2 beeps. The second beep will indicate that you have entered the Safe Mode.
  • Connect a DualShock 4 controller to the front of PS4 via a USB-A cable.
  • Scroll down the menu to find the Rebuild Database option. Press X key to start the process.
  • Now wait till the operating is complete, it may take several munites.
  • Once don Restart the PS4.

Fix 8. Initialize your PS4

Last but not least if you are unable to fix the PS4 error CE-32809-2 after applying all the above fixes. Then perform PS4 initialization that will erase all the game files including saved data.

  • Log in using the PSN Account.
  • Open Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose Saved Data on USB Storage Device option

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