Resident Evil 8 Village – How to solve Dollhouse Study Puzzle

You can unlock many items if you find Scissors in Village 8.

Resident Evil 8 Village story continues in the new expansion. The story of Rose Winters continues after the events of Village. As in the post-credit scenes, Rose Winters is all grown up as a teenager. She is trying to find herself and remove her powers by solving the mystery of Purifying Crystals.

Shadow of Rose (DLC) continues the haunting vibe of Village. There are puzzles in the new Expansion to be solved. She is on her journey to remove her powers from the myxomycete.

In this guide, we are going to cover Dollhouse Study’s Lock Code Puzzle.

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How to solve the Dollhouse Study Puzzle(Lock Code)

Rose Winter goes back into the memory using her powers on the fragment of mutamycete. She makes her way to Castle Dimitrescu to explore the secrets of Purifying Crystals. After you’ve progressed a bit in the game, you will make your way to the Study in the Castle.

You can check your map and you will find the location for Dollhouse Study. You will have to get into the study and make your way inside. You have to get through the passage between bookshelves. There is a hand painting on the wall there.

You have to Examine the Hand Painting and it will tell you about the Stuffed Locker. The Stuffed locker is located right on the bookshelves with a lock on it.

You will find clues in order to unlock the Stuffed Locker. All the Clues are present in the Dollhouse Study for the locker.

Here are all the clues, in order to solve the Dollhouse Study Stuffed Locker Puzzle.

Clue No. 1 – First Two Digits 02

There is a small cabin in the Study, which is next to the Stuffed Locker. The Cabin is also next to the Study entrance door. You’ve to get to the cabin and open it. You will find the first clue for the Stuffed Locker.

Clue NO 1 to solve Dollhouse Study PuzzL

The First two digits of the Lock Code are written in the red inside of the Cabin. 02 are the first two digits of the Stuffed Locker’s Lock Code.

Clue No. 2 – Next Two Digits 44

Next, you’ve to go to the bookshelves between which found the hand painting. On the bookshelves to the right side, you will find a picture frame. You’ve to examine the picture frame.

Clue No. 2 to solve Dollhouse Study Puzzle

Rotate the picture frame and the next two digits for the lock code are written in red. 44 are the next two digits for the lock code.

Clue No. 3 – Last Two Digits 66

There is a desk and a chair in the left corner of the Dollhouse Study. The desk will have a lot of books on top of it. You’ve to go to the desk and underneath the desk, you will find the last two digits of the lock code.

Clue no. 3 to solve dollhouse study puzzle

The last two digits of the lock code are written on the floor under the desk. The last two digits for the Stuffed locker Lock code are 66.

Enter the Code: 024466 on the Stuffed Locker

Now, you’ve to make your way to the Stuffed Locker. Stuffed Locker has a lock code on it. Examine the Stuffed locker and enter the code 024466. This will unlock the Stuffed Locker.

You’ve to open the stuffed locker and you will find scissors in the locker. The Dollhouse Study Puzzle is solved and you’re good to go. Scissors can help you in the game to unlock different items.


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