Victoria 3 – How to make Policies and Laws

Policies and laws are the backbones of any nation. Victoria 3 follows the same mechanic, giving you the freedom to make laws and policies of your own. They directly influence your country.

What are Policies and Laws

In Victoria 3, you will have to go into the Policies tab you will see different laws there. There are different types of laws. There are a total of three types of Policies. Every category has different laws in it. You can make different laws under these policies in Victoria 3.

Here are the different categories of the policies.

  • Power Structure
  • Economy
  • Human Rights

Power Structure Policy

The Power Structure Policy affects the population with regards to who they can vote for and different discriminations for standards of the population. The Power Structure policy also determines the structure of the government of the country.

Economy Policy

The Economy Policy has different Laws and controls the laws regarding trading and taxation of the country. You can make different laws regarding Trading. You can make laws and policies in the Economy for Healthcare systems, Education, and States of the country.

Human Rights Policy

The human rights policy is used to implement the freedom of speech laws and laws related to welfare. They also have impacts on jobs, and women’s and children’s rights. These laws and policies can be implemented accordingly and will improve the lives of your population.

How to pass a law

The government interest groups are required to be interested in your law to have an option for the law to be passed. If no interest group is endorsing your law to pass. You can reform the government and add an interest group. This can have an adverse effect as well.

In order to enact a certain law. Laws have a percentage of chance for which they can be passed. This depends upon the clout. The clout of the interest groups that are in agreeance to pass the law. The time in which the law gets passed can get delayed if the interest groups oppose them.

Use Authority for Power

There is an Authority Mechanism in Victoria 3. If you’re having complications in using the Policies and laws as a ruler for your country. You can use the Authority to use your power, you don’t need laws or policies to use the Authority.

Using Authority, you can influence interest groups which can help you in approving laws. If there are societies in your country that are more repressed, they have a more tendency to react to Authority. Authority can directly affect your country and the population as well.

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