Where To Find Starfield Research Station Location – How to Get Research Stations in Starfield?

Need to know the Starfield Research Station location? How to get a research station and use it is important in Starfield. The hostile aliens, harsh environmental hazards, and other unknown threats can make your gameplay more difficult.

That is where the research station in Starfield comes in handy. It is like a special workshop where you can discover new knowledge and upgrade skills, gear, weapons, medical items, etc. But to have one, you need to pick the right spot, and we call this the Starfield Research Station Location.

In this guide, we have explained the Research Station location and how you can easily get and use it to discover new items.

Research Station Locations in Starfield

You can add a Research Station to any spaceship using the shipbuilder. Even the first ship you get, called the Frontier, has a special spot in the middle where you can put a basic research station. Later on, as you go further in the game, you can make your research station even better and bigger.

You can also make a Research Station at any Outpost you build. To do that, you’ll need 2 Copper, 2 Aluminum, and 4 Beryllium. You can usually find these materials at the stores run by the Trade Authority on every planet, and sometimes you can even sell them there too.

How to Get Research Stations in Starfield?

In Starfield, having research stations is super important because they help you craft or discover new items. These stations are usually inside special parts of your spaceship.

Here’s how you can get them:

  1. Pick the Right Habitat Module: The kind of research station you get depends on the Habitat Module you choose for your spaceship. Look for the “Stroud Workshop 2×1” Habitat Module. This special module has not just workbenches for crafting but also a research station.
  2. Go to the Ship Builder: To add this Habitat Module to your spaceship, you need to go to the Ship Builder in cities like Akila City or Neon City. Here’s a little challenge you can’t see what the modules look like before you buy them. So, you might need to buy a few different ones until you find the Stroud Workshop.
  3. Buy and Put It In Once you find the Stroud Workshop 2×1 Habitat Module, buy it, and then use the Ship Builder to add it to your spaceship.
  4. Enjoy Your Research Station: Now that you’ve added the Stroud Workshop module to your spaceship, you’ve got yourself a research station onboard. It’s like your secret lab in space! With this, you can unlock cool new things and create better gear like weapons and armor.

How to Use Research Station?

A Research Station in Starfield is like having a treasure trove of knowledge and possibilities. With it, you can dive into researching upgrades for your gear, ship, weapons, armor, and lots more. When you research projects at the station, you unlock better plans for modifications that you can make at workbenches. As time goes on, you’ll discover new crafting recipes, which means you can keep making your gear even better.

But that’s not all! Your Research Station is a gateway to expanding your outposts. You can research new modules to add cool stuff to your base, like furniture and storage containers. Plus, it’s not just about gear – you can also craft medical items like drugs, food, and first aid supplies once you’ve done the right research.

So, having a Research Station is like having your very own laboratory for making everything in the game better and cooler. It’s your key to exploring the stars with all the right tools and knowledge.

What Are The Benefits of Research in Starfield

Research is like a magic spellbook in Starfield, and it brings you lots of awesome benefits:

  1. Upgrades for Power: Upgrades are like superhero boosts that keep your gear and spaceship strong as you move forward in the game. They make you more powerful!
  2. Crafting Lifesavers: Crafting supplies and medical items are like lifesavers in tough situations. They help your crew stay alive and make sure you’re always ready for battles. Since resources are scarce in space, research is your key to making even more things.
  3. Expanding Outposts: To make your outposts bigger and better, you need to research new pieces. Having a research station makes this process way quicker, so your outposts can grow faster.