Increase Fan Speed

How To Increase Fan Speed on Laptop PC Windows 10

All fans have sensors placed on them, when these sensors detect heat in the system they turn on the fans. These...

/ Jan 8, 2018
computer fan

It May Be The Computer Fan That’s Guilt For High Temperature

It is normal for the computer fan to run when you turn on your PC and do usual work. But...

/ Jan 7, 2018
Overheating PC

PC Overheating Destroyed My Computer Now I Know What To Do

Everyone likes to play games, it gives you great joy but comes with the heavy price which is PC overheating....

/ Jan 6, 2018
computer overheats

What Happens When a Computer Overheats For Too Long?

We all get anxious when our computer overheats. When we listen the loud sound of the computer fan, we instantly get paranoid...

/ Jan 6, 2018
Overheating PC

How to Fix Overheating PC

Today the biggest problem of computers is overheating PC. That’s because different components in PC like CPU, GPU generates heat....

/ Jan 6, 2018